Our TORNADO Plan…time of year coming. time to talk #IllinoisTornado

We have our plan. it goes like this:

Tornado WATCH (conditions are favorable):

the dogs get put in the basement with their food,water and toy.

The cell phone and flashlights go down too. Shut the door.

We stay tuned to the reports.watch the radar (on computer,if we have power)

Have a  weather watcher -someone in your family-if you go to bed. A weather radio would be helfpul. Or have someone tuned to the Weather channel or tv broadcast that have er systems.Even the computer has the Weather channel to follow. If everyone goes to bed and falls asleep there may not be time to do much,if anything,should you  wake up. Make sure everyone knows the designated area.

TORNADO WARNING:TORNADO SPOTTED,SIRENS ACTIVATED  OR PICKED UP ON RADAR. Remember,rain wrapped tornados may not be visible and if it’s night time they’re going to be harder to see too.

If the siren goes off we’re defintely getting husband to basement.He has health issues. We have to allow time to get everyone down there.

If the sky looks hairy,the radar shows something noticeable OR the weather channel is picking something up-we’re off to the basement before the warning even goes off.

PLS ppl have a plan ahead of time. Go over it several times so everyone is on auto pilot when the time comes.Be weather aware. The Weather channel usually has a heads up days in advance when conditions are going to be favorable.  Take it seriously.

I saw 3 things in the coverage of Illinois.

One. Semis driving right into the path. They don’t get weather reports?

Two:  a woman abandoned a vehicle and went into an over pass.WORST place she could be. Had the tornado come close the wind speeds actually pick up. She was a sitting duck.

Three: a family that sat eating supper during  a warning. While they went around looking out windows.Long before this they should have been in the basement or designated safe room.

If your town doesn’t have a siren-demand one.

As small as our town is-we do.

The main points: be weather aware,have plan ahead of time and heed all watches and warnings.

What’s your plan? Feel free to share!!

Oh Yeah; take your rosary beads and pray.

carmale rosary