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Cherished family heirlooms were among the 21 firearms Michael Roberts surrendered to the Torrance Police Department in 2010, after his doctor filed a restraining order against him.

The court order was the result of a dispute Roberts had with a member of the doctor’s staff and, after Roberts pleaded no contest, the matter was resolved. Yet, even though he filed the proper Law Enforcement Gun Release paperwork on four separate occasions, obtained clearance from the California Department of Justice and had two court orders commanding the return of his guns, police refused to hand them over.

With the backing of the National Rifle Association and California Rifle and Pistol Association, Roberts filed a federal lawsuit in May 2014, over the $15,500 worth of firearms. In the end he got the money, but not the guns. The police had had them destroyed.

Second Amendment lawyers say his case is not rare.

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Henninger: ‘The Obama Doctrine is a Hoax’

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Speak softly and claim to carry a big stick, which you have no intention of ever using

Daniel Henninger writes: Last weekend, with the ink on the Iran nuclear deal still being deciphered, the Obama Doctrine fell out of an interview between President Obama and Thomas Friedman of the New York Times.

“It is a mistake to suggest U.S. foreign policy is weak only because Barack Obama is running it. On the cusp of a presidential election, the more pertinent question is whether U.S. foreign policy is weak because a Democrat is running it.”

“You asked about an Obama doctrine,” Mr. Obama said. “The doctrine is: We will engage, but we preserve all our capabilities.”

“You asked about an Obama doctrine. The doctrine is: We will engage, but we preserve all our capabilities.”

— President Obama

In nine words, Mr. Obama explained what has been going on the past six years, culminating…

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Deal or No Deal?: Iranian Supreme Leader Says No Deal With “Devilish” US

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Although the White House has been touting a nuclear framework “deal” with Iran, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the other sides of the talks – the Iranians and the Europeans — do not share their enthusiasm. 

Yesterday, an Iranian Defense Ministeraccused the Obama administration of lying because key elements in the White House Fact sheet were not agreed upon.

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan categorically rejected as a “lie” a Guardian report alleging that Tehran has granted access to its military facilities under the recent framework agreement with the world powers.

“No such agreement has been made; principally speaking, visit to military centers is among our redlines and no such visit will be accepted,” Gen. Dehqan stressed on Wednesday, rejecting “the report by foreign media outlets, such as the Guardian” as “untruthful allegations”…

Today, Iranian “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said he neither backed nor…

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The Ressurection People(thoughts on death) Edited

When you get to be our age,62 or older you realize how mortal you are;especially if you watch cable news. You don’t hear about the 1k flights that made it.You hear about the one  jet that didn’t. You don’t hear about the many acts of kindness,unsung and unknown,throughout the world. You hear about the horrific inhumane acts of barbarism by Islamists. They have to report it. A good journalist is one who seeks out the facts and reports them. We have a country that guarantees a free press-not that we’re always getting one anymore.We can take that up another day.The point is we’re not 21 anymore and we know how brief life can be. Here one minute-gone the next.

We shouldn’t become obsessed with death though nor cultivate a morbid interest.It’s not healthy. Let’s be honest though. We do THINK about it from time to time even if we don’t talk about it.

God made us in His image and likeness. That means we have the capability to learn,to think,to reason and to love.

We also know that we were given free will and 2 people made a choice that brought sin and death into the world.

One of the abilities God did not give us after the fall was the ability to have knowledge of when we would die. In His wisdom and omnopotence God knew this was better for us. You have to admit if each of us  knew exactly when, it would be a life changer.

God gave us the human mechanism to choose fight or flight when our lives are in danger. We can decide whether we stand a better chance of perservering our life by fighting or by taking off and avoiding a confrontation altogether. One thing we do see in the news from time to time is that one courageous person who risks his/ her own life to save another-without giving their life a thought. It happens on a daily basis though. There’s firemen,policemen,military,religious orders/organizations and even doctors and nurses willing to risk their lives for other people.Still each of us has faced the sting of losing a loved one or even faced our own mortality with a diagnosis of a fatal disease. When those diagnosis come,as they do for some,they think about their families,friends and life they MIGHT be leaving behind. It’s difficult. It must be a struggle to deal with-to have to face death that starkly.Most of us can’t imagine what it’s like.

God went one better though. He not only conquered death;He conquered sin.

We became the Ressurection People.

Now,we still fear death to one degree or another. it’s a mystery. We have faith that Jesus rose from the dead. We have faith that God keeps His promises, but other than Jesus Himself, no one (except allegedly a few)have ever gone to the other side and come back. So entering death is as mysterious as entering life. I don’t want to dress it up. It is painful and scary but if we have faith we can enter into its redemptive value even offering up our fears.

Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane and faced His agony.He prayed that the Father REMOVE His cup. In the end He said,not my will but the Father’s be done. He feared. He agonized. He PRAYED. Then He put His life into His Father’s hands with trust. We can say-He’s been there before and goes with us now.

We are the Ressurection People. We have to believe that. We have to know that this life is wonderful-for however long it is- and God wants us to live it abundantly in love. He also wants us to realize this isn’t it. We are meant for eternity.All we can do here is make the most of each moment.We can spend as much time with our loved ones as our circumstances allow. I know i kicked myself for not spending more time with my parents once they passed away. I really kicked myself for wasting my teen years by growing away from them. Every single one of us feels that way when we lose a loved one. We always consider how much more time we should have spent but the truth is,in most cases, our circumstances don’t always permit it. We do the best we can do.

Near  the end of this entry you will find a short biography of Blessed Chiara Badano-a teen who suffered and died from terminal cancer. At the very end of this entry you will aslo find Saint(Pope)John Paul II’s encyclical Salvifici Doloris.The title is in Latin but the letter is in English. It’s worth reading and is not incredibly long. We may have the impression encyclicals are books; they’re letters meant for everyone. If you do read it pls let me know what you think and what you took away from it. Thank you!

saints.spqnBlessed Chiara “Luce” Badano 1971-1990 An active teen living in Italy, Chiara loved sports & her friends. A member of the Focolare movement, she desired a vocation to the religious life but was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She lived her faith through her illness, ministering to those who cared for her.

Salvifici Doloris

Letter of Pope John Paul II on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering, 11 February 1984

On the Redemptive Suffering of Christ (abridged from sections 14-21)


Kansas becomes first state to ban ‘dismemberment abortion’

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Topeka, Kan., Apr 8, 2015 / 05:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Kansas became on Tuesday the first state to ban abortions by a procedure known as “dilation and evacuation,” which is common during second-trimester abortions and is called “dismemberment abortion” in the law.

Local pro-life advocates say the legislation is an opportunity to save the unborn from a horrific procedure, while providing a model for other states.

“Some states have to take the lead. We’re proud to be one of those states,” Kathy Ostrowski, legislative director of Kansans for Life, told CNA April 8. “With very solid, carefully constructed laws I think we really can make a difference.”

The procedure is used in about 600 abortions in Kansas annually, about nine percent of all abortions performed there, the Topeka Capital-Journal reports.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on April 7 said he was proud to sign a bill that protects life…

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