Troubled by Indiana reaction, Christian leaders stress gravity of religious liberty

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Trenton, N.J., Apr 6, 2015 / 03:33 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Catholic and Southern Baptist leaders called Friday for a recommitment to religious freedom, lamenting the “acrimony and lies” surrounding efforts to protect religious freedom in Indiana and across the U.S.

“America was founded on the idea that religious liberty matters because religious belief matters in a uniquely life-giving and powerful way. We need to take that birthright seriously, or we become a people alien to our own founding principles,” they said in an April 3 statement.

“Religious liberty is precisely what allows a pluralistic society to live together in peace.”

They called on Americans “to remember the moral roots of their constitutional system, and to engage in a sensible national conversation about religious liberty.”

The April 3 statement, “Now Is the Time to Talk About Religious Liberty,” was published at The Witherspoon Institute. Its signers include…

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