Ted Cruz in Rock Hill,SC (video included)Stump Speech

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the first major candidate to officially announce a run for President, was in Rock Hill, SC today stumping for votes. He arrived at the Holiday Inn off Dave Lyle Blvd just after 11am and spoke to the 225 in attendance for just over twenty minutes before taking a handful of pre-written questions read on behalf of the questioners by members of the York County GOP Executive Committee. Here is the video of the event.

Love is Not Hate – Chastity

A few months ago, I walked into a framing store with a large painting of Saint John Paul II, and laid it on the counter. The framer, a kind gentleman in his mid-forties, looked fondly on the image for a few moments, and remarked, “I’m a Catholic boy. Too bad the Church doesn’t want me.” Although it was unspoken, it was obvious he was referring to homosexuality. I asked, “What do you mean the Church doesn’t want you? Of course the Church wants you. God loves you. The Church loves you. This is your home.” He looked happily shocked asked, “What parish do you go to?”

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Some will retort, “It just seems like the Church is picking on gay people by forbidding them to marry.” Those who make this understandable objection are often unaware that the Church isn’t trying to single out anyone. The Church simply believes that the sexual union of a man and a woman is one of the essential parts of marriage, and therefore those who incapable of it are also incapable of marriage. For example, the Church does not believe impotent couples are capable of marriage. [Not to be confused with infertility, impotency is when a person is incapable of intercourse.] It’s important to understand that when the Church talks about marriage, it is not primarily talking about what to people do (exchange vows), but rather what two people become (an icon of Christ’s love for his bride, the Church).

Not surprisingly, many people will object even to this, assuming the Church has no right to pontificate on such matters. What’s ironic is that the culture that first demanded to have intercourse without marriage now demands marriage without intercourse.

Different Christian denominations in Uganda come together for Way of the Cross

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In a unique sign of unity and togetherness, NTV Uganda reports that hundreds of Christians from different denominations walked to Kampala’s Nakivubo Stadium as they marked the Good Friday passion of Christ.

Speaking at the stadium, Uganda’s Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga spoke about the people’s concerns regarding insecurity in the country. He lamented the growing levels of gun violence and murders saying the Government needed to deal with the insecurity.

The Archbishop said that coupled with insecurity are graft and corruption. Notwithstanding Government pronouncements and legislation, the vices are growing. “Connected to graft are drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal arms and other forms of criminality,” Archbishop Lwanga said. He urged Ugandans to learn from Jesus and love one another for peace to prevail in the country. 

(NTV Uganda)

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Garissa: AMREF on effects of al-Shabab massacre

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(Vatican Radio) Thursday’s attack on Garissa University in Kenya by four gunmen of the terrorist organization al-Shabab killed one hundred and forty-eight people, the majority of whom were students.

Five suspects have been arrested today in connection with the attack as they attempted to flee into neighbouring Somalia. 

We spoke to the Interim President for AMREF Health Africa, Dr. Lennie Bazira Igbodipe-Kyomuhangi.

AMREF is an African NGO committed to improving the health of people in Africa by partnering with and empowering communities, and strengthening health systems.

The organization boasts more than 700 staff members in Kenya and their helicopters assisted in the evacuation of the injured following the university attack.

When asked about how the attack has affected the surviving students, she had this to say:

‘From what we are seeing, most of them are very traumatized. Some of them had to smear blood of their dead colleagues to pretend…

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