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Let the corrupt media go after him.He’ll have them for lunch.
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Progressives Don’t Care About Freedom of Religion & Gov Pence Caved(edited version)

We all know about the big  brouhaha over the Religious Freedom Law passed by Gov  Mike Pence of Indiana.

Gov Pence was intimidated and caved. That’s how it works.

There are overlapping issues. Let’s clear those up.

1. Marriage is between one woman/one man for life. It’s not to be redefined.Once you do it has NO meaning at all.

2.Same sex partners claimed they wanted a marriage license to get the same rights as married people. They got that.They could get that with what are called civil unions.

Fine,do that.

3. Same sex attractionn is unnatural. I’m sorry that people have to deal with it. I have no problem treating anyone with dignity, Nobody advocates beating up,hanging,imprisoning ppl for being gay. We definitely have no desire to throw same sex people out of windows to their death. it does not mean we are going to let ANYONE change the definition of marriage to accomodate whatever perverted sexual desire ppl have. You disagree. Fine.We should have had that debate before same sex marriage was forced upon us;especially in states where the majority voted against it.

4.Law now says 2 people of the same gender can get married and it’s a right.The sticky point is when the partners try to get a service for their ceremony and the service provider holds religious beliefs against it.. Those religious beliefs can be Catholic.The Church considers same sex marriage intrinsically evil-why should  a Catholic be forced to provide a service and violate their conscience.The Obama administration tried it with Obamacare. The DHS tried to force Catholic hospitals and health providers to cover abortions and contraceptives as health care. The Obama administration also tried to force Catholic adoption agencies to permit same sex partners to adopt.The LIttle Sisters of the Poor are in court having their rights defended. What this law says is that if you have a religious objection you have the right to take it to court if someone brings a d discrimination case against you. Who wants to have to do that every time you turn around? Freedom of Religion is protected-at least it’s SUPPOSED to be.

5. The law passed in Indiana was intended to protect freedom of religion where ppl of faith wouldn’t be FORCED to violate their conscience. Now ppl are claming it would permit ppl to refuse services to same sex partners;thus discriminate That might be true if they couldn’t get the services anywhere. Even if all providers were Christian and refused, freedom of religion cannot be violated.It’s like a person who believes war is immoral or a particular war is immoral and he/she in good conscience cannot participate in that war. We had all kinds of conscietous objectors during the Viet Nam War. Progressives have a problem with that? Nope. Not a bit.

6. It’s ludircrous to put same sex attraction and behavior on the same level as race. It’s not the same. Not by a long shot. My eyes are hazel. They’re hazel because of a gene. My race is caucasian.It’s because of melanin. A person gets into a same sex relationship because of a gene? They’ve found one? I don’t think so.However,if you’re going to engage it’s your business. I can tell you it’s wrong and why but i can’t force you to stop. On the other hand you can’t force me to provide a service for same sex partners who are going to have a ceremony.

7. Freedom of religion means just that. It isn’t limited to worship. Gov Pence caved. It’s the way progressives work. Intolerance,bullying, intimidation.Gov Pence didn’t have the courage to stand up to it. He should have known the gay /progressive activists would be coming after him and use the law as their excuse. He should have known liberals(progressives)never miss an opportunity to attack people of faith,conservatives or Republicans. Somebody has to stand up to them. Of course when they can’t win in the arena of public opinion. or at the ballot box they go to the courts.Even when people vote against same sex marriage the courts step in and willfully ignore how the ppl have voted. They only do that when it suits their agenda. Trust me,if the folks voted for legalization of marijuana-WHICH BTW OPPOSES FEDERAL LAW-there isn’t a court that would jump in for that one.

Progressives don’t care about freedom of religion.Somebdy better have the guts to stand up to them. How about freedom of speech,assembly and press?

Let the law stand. There’s nothing in the law that says same sex partners can’t seek out a service provider that will give them what they want. What do they intend to do?Go to a service provider they know is Christian and will refuse them so they can jump up and down with a discrimiation case? Go elsewhere.Find someone that will but don’t violate our rights.

If i had a business and knew this was coming I’d personally close the business first before being forced to violate my conscience. Don’t like that? Too bad.I have a question. If freedom of religion gets taken away-as it has been going-who is going to want to fight for a country that can’t defend its own freedoms? Good luck.What Christian would ever join the military? Our country is in big trouble. It’s become so immoral that corruption goes up to the highest levels.Our president lied to us.Big deal. Who cares anymore? Unless you care about ethics/ morality it’s what you’re going to get.

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Thus, there is one week in April – April 2005 – that I will never forget, and perhaps even a few days before that during Holy Week when it did seem apparent that we would not have John Paul the Great with us for much longer.

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