Little Boys and Girls are Different

America, Look Up

(I really wanted to start this off with a line from “Kindergarten Cop,” but I refrained.)

I loved attending Sunday School as a child.  In fact, some of my earliest memories of Sunday School include the teacher using a flannel board and characters that adhered to fabrics of various backgrounds.  One morning, the teacher stuck Adam and Eve to the board, each wearing strategically placed fig leaves.   The story being taught was God’s Creation of the first couple, tasking them with being stewards of His beautiful and perfect Garden, Eden.  Genesis 1:26-27 reads,

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”  So God created man in His own image; in…

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Why I’m supporting Ted Cruz 2016

I was going to vote for MItt Romney(again). When 2 weeks out of the time it sounded like a real possiblity he would run-he announces he unequivocally is NOT going to run. I’ve been waiting for Allen West to get into the race but i get no inidcation he is. Then Sen Ted Cruz announced.He was in my top tier anyway.

I can hear it now about voting for Romney-again. The first time around the evagelical voters stayed home. I also heard from other quarters about how Romney wasn’t ‘conservative enough.’ I wish i had a 1.00 for every time i’ve heard this about one candidate or another. Then 50% of so called [unfaithful] Catholics voted for Obama.

Between the evangelicals staying home,the conservatives taking a pass and half of all supposed Catholics voting for Obama it’s no wonder Obama won.Remember,the Democrats generally vote for their candidate no matter what.IT doesn’t matter if they’re ‘liberal enough’. They always like the more liberal candidates better but they’ll take one lib,over a Republican, any day(another reason they win). I hope the ones who said Romney wasn’t conservative enough or passed on him because he wasn’t Christian find Obama to be ‘conservative and Christian enough’ to suit them.

Can Cruz win? Sure he can. If i didn’t think he could i wouldn’t support him. BTW. You can join us at and donate-it’s going to take grassroots funding that he won’t be getting from other donors.If you can’t afford to donate(it doesn’t have to be large amounts)at least donate time,k?

Cruz can handle the media. He may even be baiting them. The more they jump on him,the more coverage he gets. He responds for himself. He doesn’t have to send out surrogates.

He can lose too like any other Rep candidate. It’s in large part because of 2 words: California and NY.You have to make sure you carry the other states for what you lose in electoral votes from these 2 states The Dems have a hold on them. They know it.

If Ted Cruz can deliver Trasparency and Honesty he’s got my vote.

Since he’s not very experienced he better surround himself with experienced ppl he is wlling to listen to(something Obama refuses to do).

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Robert Anthony March 30th, 1920-July 23rd, 2008 Part III

Eucharistic Minister

In the Intro(first part)i mentioned how dad was a jack of all trades and what they call a self made man-with the exception of a few things. However,i left out what might have been his greatest joy. He was a Eucharistic Minister for the parish. Dad never got past the 8th grade (because he had to work) but before he gave communion he would actually recite the  to the Gospel of John Chap 1 VERBATIM. He said it with heart.

1In the beginning* was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.a

2He was in the beginning with God.

3* All things came to be through him,

and without him nothing came to be.b

What came to be 4through him was life,

and this life was the light of the human race;c

5* the light shines in the darkness,d

and the darkness has not overcome it.

6* A man named John was sent from God.e 7He came for testimony,* to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him.f 8He was not the light, but came to testify to the light.g 9The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.h

10He was in the world,

and the world came to be through him,

but the world did not know him.

11He came to what was his own,

but his own people* did not accept him.

12i But to those who did accept him he gave power to become children of God, to those who believe in his name, 13* j who were born not by natural generation nor by human choice nor by a man’s decision but of God.

14And the Word became flesh*

and made his dwelling among us,

and we saw his glory,

the glory as of the Father’s only Son,

full of grace and truth.

I wouldn’t stake my life on it being the first chapter but i do know he recited from the Gospel of John. He always had time for a prayer-when he went to the nursing homes/hospitals and other elederly shut ins, he took time to visit with them.

Unfortunately his Parkinsons began to take its toll and he was falling more often.He got hurt a couple times and some were more serious falls. He had no choice but to give it up. He fought this tooth and nail but there was no getting around it.Everyone remembered him from all I heard.If they had a choice for someone to bring them communion out of all the ministers, it would have been dad. I feel very proud to say that.I know from the times he gave me communion he seemed totally transformed.

Dad was also a member of the men’s choir [when they had one [and the Knights of Columbus. He and mom worked their butts off for the annual church spaghetti dinner. I know they privately donated to many missions overseas and other charitable donations to various Catholic organizations. At least until dad became very ill-then mom had to write a note to each of them explaining they could no longer contribute. They had for years but during dad’s illness it became impossible.

These 2 people were always there for the church.They were always there for each other. I didn’t like it when i heard people criticize mom at times.She stood by dad through thick and thin.Dad stood by her through thick and thin.They had no idea what she went through. There is such a thing as calumny and detraction. I felt strongly they were wrong. Were our parents perfect? Of course not. Did they realize they were dependent on God? Darned straight! I would never hold it against these folks though. They meant well but they spoke from ignorance. They didn’t know the real story. Yes,mom took breaks but she was entitled. She was there for dad when he needed her.

I don’t blame her. It was difficult.She had suffered enough.

There were good people too,her old friends,who visited her often after dad passed. They supported her through her own battle with cancer.

The Old Days

For Easter we were always dressed up. I remember the Easter dress,hat and brand new shoes. I remember my brother’s suit. For Midnight Mass we were allowed to go but only if we took our naps. We would do anything to be able to go.The Mass was long and in Latin. By the time we were teens the Liturgy changed to the venacular. I’ve heard the horror stories. Here it has always been reverant.

After Sunday Mass we would go to the local bakery for homemade  chocolate donuts and to the store for our comic books.The aroma would hit you before you even walked in. Then dad would pile us all in the car and go for one of his (infamous)Sunday drives We took the worst roads possible. Sunday night rolled around  & we would settle in for Bonanza and Ed Sullivan.Mom fixed her fantastic Sunday dinners too. If anyone stopped by there was always room for more at the dinner table. They never failed to invite anyone.Anything was open for discussion.We even talked politics and religion.People often said Dad would argue with God. I think that’s the ONLY one dad wouldn’t have argued with.

They would kid my brother about being a garbage collector when he grew up.

Dad would tell his story about being in Africa during WWII;  his seeing Mussolini and his mistress after they were executed in public. We heard these stories a 1k times.No one would eat until we said grace though and given mom’s meals that was a sacrifice.Dad lead the prayer.

In the dining room dad hung a rosary from the wall.He got it for mom.I don’t know how he ever got it up there.I found out how heavy it was and how difficult to hang. This is a large rosary made for wall hanging.The folks always did things for each other as much as they did for other people. Miraculously (had to be)the same rosary ended up in my hands and is hanging in our home.I put it up just like dad did. It will go back to his grandson when i pass.

The one thing dad always had to do for mom was start a fire in the fireplace. When we were kids that was our favorite spot in the winter. It seemed so magical. There was this one time though when dad was cleaning the fireplace out.We were living across the street at the time. I get the phone call-mom is out for the day and he tried to clean it with his shop vac. Evidently he did something wrong and had blown soot and ashes all over the place. He sounds frantic,”your mom is going to kill me.” Of course she wasn’t but he was upset. I went over and here he had put the hose on the wrong way. It basically sent everything flying out. I cleaned it up.He had to have that fire going for her though.Perhaps tomorrow i will share some other little moments with dad.I’m debating whether just to hold them in my heart or share them with whoever is willing to listen.


Is Pope Francis Planning a Last Hurrah? – The Daily Beast

Pope Francis reacts as he leads a Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter’s square at the Vatican January 15, 2014. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi (VATICAN – Tags: RELIGION) – RTX17F2Q


Is Pope Francis Planning a Last Hurrah?

The pontiff believes his days are numbered, and some observers believe his declaration of a holy jubilee year next year is meant to send a signal.

ROME — Of all the things a sitting pope can do, calling for a Holy Jubilee Year is surely one of the more important. It is a joyous occasion that draws millions of Catholic pilgrims to Rome to take part in celebrations and get that ever-important indulgence, or forgiveness for sins, that some believers think will shorten their time in Purgatory.

With the announcement that Pope Francis has designated December 8 as the beginning of what the Vatican calls the Holy Jubilee of Mercy, this enormously popular pontiff is setting yet another record. No pope has ever declared a jubilee year so soon in his papacy. John Paul II held two holy years during his long sojourn, Benedict XVI retired before he had a chance to call such a celebration.

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