Saying “Yes” to Mary, Who Perfectly Said “Yes” to the Father, Through St. Gabriel

Marian Apostolate

The-Annunciation1Just two days ago, March 25th, the Church celebrated the marvelous Solemnity of the Annunciation.  In is interesting to note the biological accuracy of the date which has been attributed to this Solemnity, relative to the date ascribed to the celebration of the Nativity, the Birth of Christ, on December 25th – which is exactly nine months after the Annunciation.  This, then, is in keeping with the biological accuracy of the nine-month gestation period that is typical of all expectant mothers.  Further, it seems to this author that the Fathers, in arranging the liturgical calendar, took great care to pay keen attention to the details, ensuring that the celebrations not only corresponded to the various seasons of the year that were or are most representative of the theme of the celebration, and – of course – in accord with the historicity of events whose historical dates are known,  but also, and most importantly, to the very rhythm of…

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