O’Reilly Reveals ‘Shadow Puppet Master Behind Corrupt Far-Left Groups’

Bill O’Reilly tonight sounded off on anti-capitalists across the world and warned Americans of “the shadow puppet master behind corrupt, far-left groups.”

Violence broke out today in Frankfurt as thousands protested the European Central Bank’s new headquarters. Close to 600 protesters – who call themselves ‘Blockupy’ – were detained.

“Obviously, this is a blatant anti-free market play,” O’Reilly said. “These people are either communists or socialists. They want governments to run the economic show, and they want to punish wealthy people.”

O’Reilly noted that Greece is bankrupt because of its socialist policies. He said Spain and Italy are also in economic trouble because private enterprise is “being strangled” by government spending.

via O'Reilly Reveals 'Shadow Puppet Master Behind Corrupt Far-Left Groups'.