Laetare Sunday

Today is the day we rejoice during Lent.The priest celebrates Mass in rose(no,it’s NOT pink). It’s a little hard to rejoice when the headlines are about ISIS,Obama,Ferguson and the Christians killed in Pakistan-as well as 2 of the attackers being burned alive.
The world looks pretty cruel especially when one group of people believe they are better than another group of people.Worse…are people who murder others and believe they are doing God’s will.
If we could only treat each other well while there is time;while we are alive. When people are gone it hardly matters anymore. We can only keep them in our prayers. We have to have hope though. Jesus will return one day. It can’t be soon enough.
He rose from the dead and will return.That is our Blessed Hope.Our other blessed hope is that no matter how grave the sin, He forgives, if we repent.

when we die

Vatican Calls for Use of Force Against ISIS – The American Interest

ISIS Vs. The Vatican

Vatican Calls for Use of Force Against ISIS

The main Vatican UN diplomat, Italian Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, has called for armed resistance to ISIS in a document presented to the UN Human Rights Council. Crux interviewed him about its aims:

Tomasi told Crux that in the first instance, he hopes the statement will galvanize nations around the world to provide humanitarian aid to Christians and other groups suffering at the hands of ISIS, “so they can survive and stand up for their own rights.”

Beyond that, Tomasi said, the crisis requires “more coordinated protection, including the use of force to stop the hands of an aggressor.”

“It will be up the United Nations and its member states, especially the Security Council, to determine the exact form of intervention necessary,” he said, “but some responsibility [to act] is clear.”

The Vatican is clearly calling for some sort of UN-authorized force here. Tomasi further said that whatever force is formed, it must not be just a “Western approach.”

via Vatican Calls for Use of Force Against ISIS – The American Interest.

Obama doesn’t give a crap

An Islamic State group spokesman says the jihadist group aims to “blow up” the White House, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower on its way to conquering Paris, Rome, Portugal and Spain. The threat was delivered Thursday by spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani in a nearly 30-minute audio message

We are not going to defeat ISIS because Obama doesn’t give a crap.

cut the miliatry
Muslims hate
and freedom of religion means only freedom for THEM.
Obama has destroyed the U.S. relationship with Israel. He got the Jewish-American vote though;the same way he got the vote of other Americans. He lied to them.If we elect another Democratic(George Soros progressive)president we need our heads examined.