Long Day Over

hope everyone who uses Twitter took a few seconds and wished Pope Francis a Happy 2nd Anniversary.
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Long day over here. In the morning,God willing,another one.
Sleep peacefully folks and have a good one yourselves.

heart moon

Now for a few words about our illustrious so called #anythingforgolf President

and the crappy goings on this week.I’m even going to say a few good words about Hillary Clinton.Yep,read that correctly. A few good words.Let’s not get carried away.I honestly like Hillary. I don’t agree with her positions.They’re no different than Obama’s but as a person-i think i could actually buy her dinner and sit down for a decent conversation with her. Vote for her? Probably not. Given a choice between her,Obama and Elizabeth Warren it would be another story.If those were the only choices i would vote for Mrs Clinton.The points is that i am not a Clinton hater ;NOT a Clinton supporter either.

She’s in trouble and everyone is talking about her chances of being elected. Got it. Let’s be clear though here;it isn’t the Clinton State Dept. It’s the OBAMA STATE DEPT.
She worked for Obama. It’s a culture of corruption and she was part of it. Birds of a feather they say.
How about the IRS? What about the corruption there? Anyone been held accountable yet? WHat’s the difference between the Clinton emails and the Lerner emails? It’s time to demand answers.
The IRS is STILL targeting conservative groups. How long is this going to go on?
Our President is corrupt.PERIOD. Look at Ferguson.Look at ISIS. Look at our relationship with Israel. Look at the lies fed to the American people from Obama.
I send tweets to the President. I often wonder if they’re not keeping an eye on me too.You know i wouldn’t be surprised. Don’t care either. I’m the last person they want to waste time on.
I’m non violent. I don’t advocate the overthrow of the government. We have the ballot box to get rid or corrupt people.
We have freedom of speech to speak out against the corruption in our government.
Obama missed his calling.He should advertise for golf smith.
It’s the only thing about America he actually loves and the only thing he has the capacity to understand.
Tomorrow,God willing,I’m going to spell out the details on his handling of Ferguson,ISIS,the IRS and Hillary. The Democratic party will be the first to stab her in the back.Bet she won’t see it coming.IF it’s her or Obama-they’ll save Obama.
God less government
I’m with Greg Gutfeld on the police abandoning Ferguson Mo.Problem: the protestors number approx 200 and most of them are probably outside activists. The MAJORITY of folks in Ferguson are good people who,i would venture a guess,are just as sick of the crap as we are.The goofs make the news.The good people don’t.The more attention you give the goofs the larger they look.The squeaky wheel gets oiled.There’s an agenda going on here too. Again,look to Obama.Question:I thought Eric Holder was leaving DOJ. He’s still there. What’s up with that? Why did the Republicans let Lynch get confirmed? She won’t be much better.

Dear @alexa_wotus

I hope to set the record straight here but probably not in the way you might expect. Yes,it’s the grandmother from hell. i am not going to write a litany of who did what to whom.
It doesn’t matter. I did things i’m not proud of. I can’t speak for other people and don’t intend to. Finger pointing doesn’t accomplish anything. I do want to clear the air about one thing:i had a good relationship with my parents in the end. We had no animosity-we became close. I imagine it was because we had switched roles. They had become dependent.It gave me the opportunity to see what good people they were. I spent all the time i could with them.Now i wish i had spent even more time and did even more for them.Never enough.Owed them everything. I regret i didn’t treat them better when i was a teen-young adult. Didn’t grow up.
Yes,i know i was not included in the will and some made more of it than necessary.I do understand why that would be the case.Truth is,mom had told me herself.She had her reasons and we both put it to rest. I was fine with it.She had no ulterior motives.We lived across the street from the folks so it was easier for me to get to their house.Nothing more. There wasn’t some grand plan. We got the opportunity,mom liked the idea & she thought the apartment was nice-so we took it.When mom passed away we moved. We couldn’t handle the steps and had no need to stay there anymore.We had taken the apartment for the convenience at the time.
I also know that my son wasn’t fond of my husband at all.Yes,it’s been a difficult marriage.No sense denying it.
It will be 22-24 yrs(in May)that we will have been married. A lot has changed over the years. I’ve gone out the door a number of times-and come back. I get it. I don’t blame son for not thinking much of husband but i’m not sure what that has to do with the problems we had.
I was willing to give husband more chances than he probably should have had-but it’s worked out.We’ve gotten older.
He’s starting to catch on.
{I’m no cream puff to live with either.Never have been)We both have health issues to deal with now. I just don’t see us making it without having each other.Unfortunately husband kind of bailed on me when mom passed away. It’s complicated.However,I also owe everyone,including husband, confidentiality.I will not write about the problems he had anymore than i will write about the problems other people had during that time.
When people lose a loved one feelings are raw and intensified. Everyone handles grief differently.

The bottom line is this.My parents and i had a good relationship. We moved on. I am thankful i had the time to be with them in the time we were given. I will always wish i had done more.Always.I wish i had gone over to see mom the night before she died. We talked on the phone. She needed me and i didn’t catch it.
I’m not going to hash old wounds a 1,000 times over. I’m in my 60’s and the next stop is home. We’re just passing through here.
I made a ton of mistakes over the years and suffered the consequences.Sorry to say other people suffered through them too.Bad behavior has consequences. I can’t complain at all.I got what i deserved.We can’t blame other people when we bring it on ourselves.
Now,i just hope to treat people decently,make the most of my marriage and get on with the business of living.
I have to admit that i’ve been saving the photos from your Twitter account. You have turned out to be everything i thought you might. Your dad did well in his life too-turned out to be a good husband and father. Couldn’t ask for more.
We don’t agree on everything-but overall you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and have made all the right decisions.I do hope you get some simple ideas about life.Life really is about being grateful to your parents,treating people with the dignity and respect they deserve-rich or poor-and finding faith in a God who is good and merciful.
I just wish you were living in a better world and when i do leave dread what you might have to face.
It seemed to be a better world when we were kids.
I pray the rosary 2x a day.I write blogs that i hope will make a difference to someone.If it helps get the world to the place i would like it to be for you and your kids-great.I don’t think my blog on its own will but enough of these blogs speaking up might make a difference. We can’t afford to be silent that’s for sure.
Eucharistic ministers bring communion once a month. I’m home bound but i do get to watch Mass on EWTN every day. I’ve been blessed with a nice little home to live in and 2 dogs who are great company.
We don’t have a lot of money but I’m comfortable with that.From time to time i get a computer job.We’re not going to get rich from it but i enjoy the challenge and experience.You seem to have found your passion in guard and you STILL have a love of animals. [Don’t let your dad fool you. He liked them too]. The thing about life is not taking it too seriously when there’s no need to. It’s a sure way to siphon the joy out of living and being grateful. The other thing is to take it very seriously when it’s required.The best choice is to leave the past in the past-and the future to the future. I’m not angry with anyone. Not bitter. I’m not going to re-live a terrible past all over again. I won’t forget the terrible things i did but we have to pick up and get on eventually.I’m not holding any grudges or hurt either. People said things but who’s perfect? None of us. When i pass away(we all do)nothing will matter to me except the ppl i got the chance to know while i was living.There’s no way on earth I will know who is there or who isn’t;i do hope husband is there though.He better be. 🙂
I made it clear to husband that i do not want any eulogies. It’s not about me. I DO want them to have someone sing the Attende Domine[Gregorian Chant],Ave Maria and Ave Verum.
Finally,i did not ‘get religion.’ i hate when ppl say that. Ridiculous.Yes,I’m sorry for what happened. Can’t be undone.If i had the chance to go back and fix it up would I? Yes. We all have those things we wish we could change. Your dad is a good person and I hope he sees it. We make a mistake when we think we’re better than others but we make a mistake when we don’t see our own worth.And now…
let us pause