Theology of the Simple,So what IS James trying to say?

I’ve gone back through the book Various Religious Experiences and am trying to grasp what i can out of it.
A few points: the book is from a series of William James lectures. He’s Protestant so he definitely speaks from that point of view.
I can’t be entirely critical of the book-he does make some good points.
However,I’m going to have to take notes and break it down. He’s hard for me to follow.
Here’s one person who isn’t hard to follow and says a great deal with a few words,Bishop Sheen.

“America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance — it is not. It is suffering from tolerance. Tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos. Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.” — ‘A Plea For Intolerance’ (1931) Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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