Final Thoughts For All My Friends & Visitors

act like a child
smile upon you
Husband has to go out of town for a check up with his pulmonary doctor and will be leaving early in the morning.
I need to get to bed so we can get up. I’ll have at least an hour free when he takes off. I can then post the next blog entry. I am going to take a few points from the book Various Religious Experiences by William James for comment.
Until then may you have a peaceful night and a great morning yourself.God willing I’ll be back then.

Final:anyone who wants to use images,info or links from my blog entries feel free. Information is meant to be shared and I’m not competing with anyone. 🙂 Ever.

@oreillyfactor won’t use the word corrupt,I will

Bill O Reilly would not call the actions of Clinton/State Dept or Obama corrupt. He used the term dishonest.

I’ll use the word corrupt to describe the Obama admin.You see Hillary and the State Dept were part of the Obama administration.There is no way on earth Obama did not know about Hillary’s email-he must have rec’d some of them.

I betcha dimes to dollars he knew about the server too-though that’s subjective on my part.

BTW, defines corrupt:


guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked:

a corrupt judge.
Dishonest and corrupt aren’t that far apart. However,the Obama admin has always had a pattern of dishonestly and that means corruption. If you take the actions of the Obama admin in toto they are corrupt.
Why would Hillary use a server at her home? Ask yourself;why would Lois Lerner’s emails vanish and re-appear?
Why would she speak to defend herself then plead the 5th? Why does Obama move officals around or promote them when they are in trouble?
For now,let’s ask why Hillary would want to hide her emails and why Obama would pretend not to see?
I can sum it up.BENGHAZI,IRAN,ISRAEL,UKRAINE,NETANYAHU and the IRS.Mainly BENGHAZI. Anything the Obama admin,Hillary and the State Dept didn’t want the public to know about.
I’ll go into specifics tomorrow. For now,roll those around in your head. I have faith you can add it up for yourself.
HE said

Theology of the Simple. thanks to my bro for the book

My brother sent me a book for Christmas last year. I really appreciated that.

thank you rose

Mom always bought me a book i requested for Christmas. The last book she gave me for Christmas was the Post Synodal Exhortations of John Paul II. A special one because it was the last Christmas gift from mom and it actually went out of print after that. The year before she gave me John Paul II’s Theology of the Body;Human Love in the Divine Plan. My brother’s book was the only book i got for Christmas in 2014. Truthfully it was the only book i have gotten in a very long time. Back in 1973 he gave me one very special book,JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Awesome.I still have it to this day. It’s leather bound,includes maps and is very unique.I  digress though because i started off by talking about  the book he sent last Christmas(2014).It’s titled The Varities of Religious Experience by William James. [There’s no way on earth i could have left out mom but we have to get back on topic too.]

I’m a simpleton (unlike 4 of the smartest ppl i know;my brother,husband,Charles Krauthammer & Fr Robert Spitzer); so here’s how i break down a book.I ask several simple questions:
1. What point is the  author trying to make?

2.Is author objective and speaking from personal experience. Is he on the outside looking in or on the inside speaking from knowledge?

3. What can i take away from the author’s thinking that would influence my life in a positive way?

4. The purpose of education is to find truth.Is the author seeking truth? (Even in math 2+2 equals 4).

“When evil is only imagined you can live with it but when it is manifest before your eyes there is no way out.”

Karol,the Man Who Became Pope.Full Version,English