The Culture of Corruption

The entry is going to be simple and to the point. No long drawn out analysis.

HIllary Clinton finally decided to speak publicly;not that she had much choice.

Here is what i concluded:

1. it is not ALL Hillary’s doing. She worked for the Obama administration.The Obama administration is rife with corruption.

2. She lied. You do not need more than 1 device to have seperate email accounts.I have at least 5 email accounts and they are ALL on one device. She insists the server is private and nobody is going to have at it.  I hate to state the obvious but she is hiding plenty. Just like Lois Lerner(among others).

3. How about those Lois Lerner emails that vanished and suddenly re-appeared? What happened there? The IRS is still getting away with murder.Nobody has answered for that one yet.Nobody in the Obama administration ever does. They either get promoted or shuffled to another position depending on how well they covered up for the POTUS.

4. The President,as usual,found out about Clinton’s email account when we did-when he heard about it ‘in the news’. Haven’t we heard this  one before ? How could he NOT know?

He had to receive emails from her and he had to know they were from a personal account-not a gov’t account.

5. It’s the Culture of Corruption in the Obama administration.She was a part of it. She fit right in. They get away with it too.When is it ever going to catch up with them?

6. They cry racism when you criticize.Obama.They’re going to cry sexism when you criticize Hillary.

7. They’re going to call the election historic just because Hillary is a woman;just like they called it historic when Obama was running.Remember how that worked out. I am not going to vote for Hillary. I would vote for a black male President.I would vote for a black female President. I would vote for a white female President. I would NEVER vote for Obama or Hillary.Character matters.

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I have a draft started for a new entry of Theology of the Simple. I will also add an entry re the beautiful Funeral Mass offered by Cardinal Dolan for Cardinal Egan.

cardinal egan
Edward Michael Egan (April 2, 1932 – March 5, 2015)