The Truth About Obama and Hillary (Captain Obvious)

Obama ordered the State Dept to blame the video for the Benghazi attack. There was no reason on earth to send Susan Rice out to the talk shows other than plausibledeniablity.

Obama is behind the attack on conservative groups by the IRS. The IRS hasn’t stopped either. Nobody answered for that one.Lois Lerner knows-she’s in cahoots with the Obama administration. It’s their MO.The IRS should be abolished. Sorry-i don’t see any hope for reform.For now the IRS,Lerner and the Obama administration should be exposed.

Obama is anti Semitic. It’s not that he would support a liberal PM in Israel.He simpliy wants a WEAK Isreali PM to be elected and that’s not Netanyahu. He’s snubbed the man from the very beginning. Obama got the Jewish vote-that’s all he cared about.

Obama isn’t going to defeat ISIS. He’s putting up a good show and doing the minimal . If he really wanted to defeat them and not pass the problem onto the next President he’d let the military call the shots. He’s not going to do that. He has no interest.NONE.

If the Dems start jumping ship on Hillary, chances are George Soros wants someone else to run. They’re looking for Obama’s third term so they’ll pick someone closer to his ideology.It’s not that Hillary isn’t but they may figure they can do better.

I’ve said this right along. Don’t take for granted they’ll go with Hillary. It’s questionable.

The Obama administration is corrupt to the core but we have a state run media and there isn’t a chance  the cockroaches will be exposed to daylight. The only way that could happen is that someone (anyone)in the administration develops a conscience and steps up to the plate;a whistleblower.i would like to beleive that such a person exists.

Wrote earlier this month when there were signs: