Gregory of Narek

Catholic Sensibility

Pope Francis named an unfamiliar (to me) saint of Armenia as a Doctor of the Church. Gregory of Narek was a multi-talented man who devoted his life to God as a monk. Three talents brought a smile to me: he was a poet, a composer, and an astronomer.

A few musical reactions … Armenian Rhapsody by Alan Hovhaness and Jordi Savall’s rendering of Menk kaj tohmi, a traditional Armenian tune.

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Ralph Peters: ‘Obama is a Spiteful Failure of a President and We Just Have to Get Through the Next 2 Yrs’

Nice Deb

Mark Levin and Ralph Peters appeared on Fox News’ Hannity, Tuesday night, to talk about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before congress.

“Past presidents have worked with the Russians and any other government to try and prevent these third world actors from getting a nuclear weapon,” Levin pointed out.

“The problem is our foreign policy is such a shambles there’s nobody to work with.”

The conservative radio host said that he read the World threat assessment of the US intelligence community the government put out, last year. He learned that Tehran has made technical progress in a number of areas including building missiles that are inherently capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction. “Iran  has the largest has the means and motivation to develop longer range missiles including an intercontinental ICBM that hits Europe and the United States,” Levin noted.

“This is no joke and I’m scared to death…

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