Theology of the Simple,Part III Evil & Sin

You can take it to the bank that I’m not a theologian but i do know something of sin and the existence of evil.

Intro:Cradle Catholic. We had terrific parents. They were devout Catholics. We were sent to Catholic grade school.The same one mom attended for 12 yrs. We were taught our prayers as kids, went to Mass on a daily basis, and had the example of a good Catholic life from our parents. I can’t blame the folks for my going off the rails when it was clearly my responsibility.Trust me on this one; i lived the high life. It was all about a good time and when the next good time was coming up. I read Fredrich Nietzsche (Twilight of the gods/The anti christ)and believed he was brilliant. I listened to heavy metal and thought it was the bomb. People were trying to beat me over the head and get me to straighten up.Forget that. They were just trying to spoil my fun. So what happened? God gave me a moment of grace where i actually realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that hell was real.He provided with that moment of grace the other reality-I was headed there. I won’t say i came out of my selfish lifestyle TOTALLY & all at once but i headed to confession immediately..Conversion is not only external.It has to come from some place deep.Now is everything going smoothly since the major turn around. The St Augustine moment? Nope. Once you destroy your life the pieces of your life land everywhere. You go to pick them up and put them back together only to find out that doesn’t always work. They don’t seem to want to fit.The cross you bear is that you have to live with this. Sin has consquence.
Sometimes that’s hard to deal with, except that i brought it on myself. I can’t blame my parents. i can’t blame my friends even the worst of them.They didn’t drag me along kicking and screaming. I can’t blame my family.It’s also true that principalities and powers know you well enough to try to get you to despair. The devil isn’t stupid. He’s wrong,but he’s smart.I can’t begin to say how many times i’ve almost given into despair but God gives grace and we make it.Two words speak to my heart,GO ON.
We do seem to think that evil is out there. We also seem to think it exists only in the supernatural world.

There is a line in the movie Karol,the Man Who Became Pope when the charcter realizes how real evil is. When it’s not personal-when it’s so far removed from us it’s a bit abstract. When you confront evil personally it is VERY real.

I do know this; a little sin goes a long way. What we do matters.

Like the character in the movie Karol we don’t get how real it is until it is in our face.

You see i thought my ‘little’ waywardness was no big deal. You can go along with the licentiousness of our country and think a little licentiousness is no big deal. It’s not hurting anyone,right?

It reminds me of Obama saying the U.S. is not a Christian nation. Our foundation is Judeo-Christian. What is he talking about? Our founders were very religious people. Our documents tell us our rights come from God.

Obama may have a point since progressives have been fundamentally transforming America to their vision of it.

It has turned to secular humanism and many people are just going with the flow. Gay marriage-no big deal.Abortion-no big deal. Soft porn-no big deal. What a swamp.

How can we ever take the moral high ground and promote our ideology when it’s so darned sick?

What does it have to offer?

We do not have the right to take the life of the unborn. Ever. We don’t get to choose by concensus,by majority or by the courts when it is ok. It’s either wrong to take the life of the unborn or it isn’t. It can’t be that it’s ok sometimes and not ok other times. It’s either right or wrong.We don’t get to pick when that is.Let’s learn to call evil for what it is.

I saw a news headline on Bing about a female celebrity getting a divorce from her wife. First of all,they can’t be divorced,They were never married. My question was,if the other woman was her wife what did that make her?

Radical Islam objectifies women(women are treated like dogs). Got that. How about our culture? We put women on a pedestal admiring them for their intellect,talent,integrity and faith? We just use them in a different way. We don’t stone them for adultery,condone rape or sell them into slavery. We make them sex toys,eye candy, tell them the best they can do is act promiscously (supposedly like men)and can have their unborn murdered because they simply can’t handle the burden of a child(adoption?)  Truth-they are sold into slavery.

Conservative Catholics and Hillary Clinton

There’s too much at stake people. Do not stay home this time. I don’t blame the liberals for the election of Obama. If all the people who said they would vote for anybody but Obama would have actually followed through he might not be President today. Conservatives NOW oppose Obama-many of them didn’t even vote.I blame them.

Of course the Progressive base was going to vote for Obama. Goes without saying. No reason to be shocked. Thank the Conservatives that stayed home or the Catholics who have decided they don’t need to practice their own faith.

Ephesians 6:12 tells us

For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.

From time to time the spiritual battle breaks into the material world and we witness actual WAR.

actual assault
PART IV tonight. We’re going to talk about Hitler and those famous words the civilized world spoke,”never again.” We’re also going to talk about the corrupt media and its contribution to the death of our Christian culture,republic and TRUTH.