The LAST Straw

Time to pre boil potatoes for baked potatoes.Once they’re pre boiled(5 min in salt water)I will stir them in with extra virgin oil and add spices.The oven is preheated to 375 and the halved potatoes will be coated and baked for 30 min. Extra virgin olive oil.garlic powder,salt,oregano and a dab of pepper. Hubbs drowns his food in pepper.I like a dab.He can add more to his.
I had to open a new container of salt. It had a sticky thing on the top and read “Sealed for your protection.” Protection from what? I couldn’t get the darned sticker off and had to take a sharp knife and scrape it. Nothing like stabbing yourself with a knife or cutting your finger off but by gosh they’ve protected me from salt.
We get items from various stores and they’re all HERMETICALLY sealed which means-for older folks-get a stick of dynamite and blow the package open. How about those safe from the kiddies tops that you can’t turn,twist or get off? We don’t have any kiddies at home. We can’t open anything anymore. What are we protected from?
Back tonight-God willing-for the next installment of the Theology of the Simple.The big topic of evil and eventually of suffering.We’re watching Love it or List It Today. Nice quiet Sunday afternoon.You?