Theology of The Simple

yes Im a Catholic1. God Exists. Imho atheists just don’t want to believe it. We like to think we’re in control of our lives and that we’re it.Any reasonable person has to admit there’s no way on earth the universe acidentally came into existence.The more we know about the universe,the more amazing it is. The Universe has God written all over it. Unfortunately evil exists but not because God created it.God permits it. We can’t have it both ways.  We can’t say we want to be free but we want God to take away free will so people don’t do bad things.

2. God is God and we’re not. Creation speaks of God. Creation shows us God. We can see God in all of Creation but Creation is NOT God.

3.God designed the plan. He has the say in how this plan works and how it works to the good.When we live according to the plan things go well. When we live deliberately contrary to His plan things do not go well at all.If you watch the nightly news it’s pretty clear.

4. John Henry Cardinal Newman once said, “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.” The first part of the word Protestant is protest for a reason. They’re usually called the Protestant reformers. They didn’t reform the Catholic Church. They left it and threw the baby out with the bath water.

who started your church
5. If you’re Catholic you know that abortion,EMBRYONIC(NOT stem cell)stem cell research,same sex marriage and euthanasia are intrinsically evil and non negotiable.You cannot vote for a candidate that supports any of the 5 evils.PEROID. When a Catholic politician claims to know Church history and also claims that the Church was ok with any of these they have no idea what they’re talking about.They’re trying to justify themselves and they can’t. They’re hoping you are easily swayed.
6.The Catholic Church is not anti woman. We don’t have priestesses but that doesn’t mean the Catholic Church is anti woman. Consider the high regard the Church gives women.However,the priest is in person Christi-in the person of Christ-and He is male. He instituted the Eucharist giving the directive to his 12 apostles telling them to ‘do this.’ Yes, it is an all male priesthood.Jesus intended it to be an all male priesthood.We should be honored. BTW. Men can’t become biological mothers either. It is our singular privilege.
7. Yep,being Catholic is a tough road to hoe. I would say being a secular humanist is easy breezy but it’s also pointless.Been there.
Matthew 11

28* “Come to me, [Jesus said]all you who labor and are burdened,* and I will give you rest. 29* p Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for your selves. 30For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”

Sounds contradictory;an easy yoke and a light burden. I can tell you from being down the wide road of secular humanism that the ‘freedom’ you think you have is slavery. No contradiction.
8.Catholicism is not complicated. It’s the gospel of Jesus fully lived.When you start scraping all the truths of the Catholic Church off because you think there’s just too much ‘stuff’ you boil it down to this:
my interpretation of scripture is just as valid as the next persons. Scripture tell us the Holy Spirit leads into all truth. How can that be if everyone considers their interpretation valid?
If i could explain Catholicism in one paragraph this would be it:
saw a boat


An Open Letter to (‘Spitball’) Chris Matthews at MSNBC(serious) Re Haters

I never(and i do mean never)watch MSNBC.However, i DID catch a montage of video clips where Chris Matthews is pointing out(almost relentlessly)his angst about Obama haters. Hence,the reason for this open letter.*
Mr Matthews,
I guarantee you there are probably some real Obama haters out there. People who just plain dislike Obama for a variety of reasons,not necessarily good ones;such as  his race.I guarantee you though that there are a lot MORE of us who would just prefer he were not President because it’s not about him.
Our country and our values are bigger than one man.It’s why we have term limits.
You have to remember that Obama shoved a health care law on us that we didn’t approve of nor want. He decided he knew what was better for us than we did.Remember Grueber? The law got passed because OF ‘lack of transparency.’ (From the most transparent president in history).Remember Grueber’s other words? How stupid the American people were? We understand that there are people who are uninsured and that’s a real problem but there has to be a better solution. Afterall he[Obama] had to look the American people in the eye and say ” if you like your doctor,you can keep your doctor.” ” If you like your plan,you can keep your plan” knowing very well it wasn’t true at all. He even used the word PERIOD.That’s a definitive statement. It doesn’t end there Chris. He tried to tell the American people his Ambassador in Benghazi was murdered over a video. Ok,it may have been the fog of battle at first. Yet,when Obama and Mrs Clinton honored the fallen they CONTINUED to say it was the video- even the families of the fallen and the American people themselves knew it wasn’t true.
Think that’s it? Not a chance. When the news about the IRS targeting Conservative groups hit cable Obama called it outrageous. He must have been feigning outrage because a week or so later he was already calling it phoney.
Look around Chris. Our allies have no confidence in the U.S. anymore.He’s abandoned our only real ally in the Middle East,Israel. He whines about protocol but this was the same man who threatened to circumvent Congress with a phone and a pen. Let’s take a step back;long before the speech by Netanyahu was announced the Obama administration-including Obama-was treating Netanyahu like dirt.
You can be sure Obama will permit Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Think about that.
He’s not serious about destroying ISIS. How on earth could the President of the United States know an American citizen was beheaded and take off golfing? How on earth could the President of the United States know his own ambassador was murdered and take off for a fundraiser? How on earth could there be a massacre at a military base(Ft Hood)and the President begins a speech by giving a shout out first?
What’s wrong with this picture? It’s not that we hate Obama.Maybe we’re justifiably angry. I’ll be honest too. I didn’t vote for Obama. Not back in 2008 and certainly not in 2012.McCain was a good man. While i respect him for his years of service to his country, including what he gave as a POW, i reluctantly voted for him. He might have made a good President.He certainly would have made a better one than Obama.Romney was a man of integrity at least. I reluctantly supported him at first;in the end i voted for him because it was a good choice.Again,an improvement over Obama. Obama was a smooth talker but all i could hear was hope and change. It didn’t mean anything. All i could see was the media swooning over him.No serious questions.No background check.I hope in 2016 with the new faces of the Republican party we will have a great choice. It has to be better than Hillary-she’s as corrupt as Obama. Whoever the candidate is,it has to be about our country. It has to be about something bigger than one candidate.
I didn’t see a lick of serious journalism.He never had to answer questions about his association with Bill Ayers or Wright,his preacher of 20 yrs. I checked out his background. I listened carefully to every word he had to say. His campaign staff were like bull dogs if anyone criticized him.
I was called RACIST, by people who didn’t even know me, when i made it clear i couldn’t vote for him.Here we are today and ISIS is committing genocide in the Middle East. GENOCIDE. Here we are today and Iran will probably end up becoming a NUCLEAR terrorist state that intends to wipe Israel off the map.
Where is the Commander in Chief that Obama is supposed to be? The most he’s done is decimate our military and tell us Al Qaeda is on the run. We heard that Yemen was a success story too-how long was it after that the Yemen government collapsed? Remember Obama saying ISIS was the JV team? This is our commander in chief? He can’t say Radical Islamic terrorist.He’d rather be golfing. He thinks the military is the place for social experiments and pushing HIS agenda.ISIS is winning and Obama micro manages the war-based on what experience? Community Organizer? He’s too smart or too arrogant to leave it to the people who KNOW how to win wars.
No,we don’t hate Obama. We have a corrupt media that covers for him. He could have risen to the office he was elected to. The American people-for the most part-are fair. Sure there’s haters out there and there are racists who don’t like Obama because he is black. It’s a minority. You can’t even criticize Obama without being called racist. There’s just too much at stake. We(meaning the American people)can’t afford to have a corrupt media now.Yep, a lot of us have concluded you’re as corrupt as the adminstration you cover up for.That’s not hate Chris. That’s simply THE TRUTH.
I could list all the scandals and you have to wonder if this weren’t Obama how far they’d have gotten.Trust me,if a Republican gets elected President and pulls the same crap as Obama did it’s going to be a whole different story. It will come back to bite you. That is,if our country can survive the next 2 yrs.
It’s unfortunate the media is corrupt.I never thought i’d live to see the day.Obama didn’t even get the message when the country went almost totally Rep and gave them control of Congress. You would think that would have brought Obama around. Not a chance. Too smart for that is he? IF that’s the case he’s been educated into stupidity-or a lack of caring about our country. We need a Churchhill.We got a Chamberlin.

* i didn’t want to give MSNBC the false hope their viewership actually went up.
things i trust

Seriously,think about these words.

honest abe

Dr. Ben Carson’s Full #CPAC2015 Speech

yep i could vote for this guy!! DEFINITELY

Nice Deb

Former pediatric neurosurgeon and possible 2016 presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson kicked off CPAC 2015 with a speech calling for end to government dependency.

“We need to understand what true compassion is to reach out to individuals who think that being dependent is reasonable as long as they feel safe,” Carson said. “It’s not compassion to pat them on the head and say ‘there, there, I’m going to take care of all your needs, your healthcare, your food.’ That’s the opposite of compassion.”

“I’m not interested in getting rid of a safety net, I’m interested in getting rid of dependency.” Carson said to much applause.

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The Definitive ‘How We Roll’ In 2016 #CPAC

The top Tier

Allen West,Dr Ben Carson, Gov Bobby Jindahl

2nd Tier

(next best choice)Gov Scott Walker, Sen Ted Cruz,Rick Santorum,Gov Mike Huckabee


Gov Chris Christie, Sen Rand Paul,Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton


we’re going to keep this one under wraps for awhile. Feel free to guess.
Now let’s say our morning prayers and guzzle down some coffee,k?

every day is a new start