Analyzing Obama?

There’s nothing to analyze. Consider:

A full two hours (or more) after the Foot Hood massacre Obama finally comments on the shooting but FIRST he gives a shout out.

Americans are brutally murdered by ISIS and he takes off golfing.

Remember this?


Who could do that?

Benghazi really fits his pattern. Four Americans are killed including his own ambassador. What does he do? Heads to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

Think about it. Think long and hard about it. Just because he’s gotten a pass doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

The truth about Obama? Doesn’t care.He was known for voting present during his tenure in the Senate.Obama should have stuck with community organizer.Some of the American ppl didn’t know better and voted for him. Too many stayed home the last time and didn’t bother to vote.God help us. We have 2 more years of it.

He’s looked right into the camera and LIED directly to the American people over and over again.

Want  to  know what Obama is about- all we need to know.
Obama,Valerie Jarret and George Soros. The people running America into the ground.