Refusing to Play Games

joy of nine9

biblical-quotes-about-love-love-bible-quotes-3-88198I do not want to die, only to discover I was playing society’s games, games which were dependant on the time and place I was born, rules which changed constantly.  I do not want to be so caught up in work, business, squabbles about doctrine and ritual, that I lose sight of Truth.

How devastating to stand before Christ and realize that I could have been His presence on earth, a window of light and joy, radiating His love and mercy but lost my way.

I can be His hands and feet and ears and whisper words I hear the Father speak to his little ones


I need to allow Love to transform me let Love flow through me. Period.

I flooded my mind with these verses from scripture today to remind myself everything

turns to ash when we die, everything but His Love in us.

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Valerie Jarrett Is In The House

The Camp Of The Saints

It turns out that Valerie Jarrett’s role as the key manipulator in The White House is not unprecedented.

Such a power-hungry, obsequious minion has served a previous President who, like ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ is a poster child for arrogance and a raging Narcissist.  I’m speaking of Woodrow Wilson and his Chief of Sycophancy, ‘Colonel’ Edward House.

From a review by Lewis Gould of the new biography of House by Charles Neu, we learn:

…When Woodrow Wilson became governor of New Jersey in 1910 and then a presidential candidate in 1911, House believed, as he told friends, that he had “found both the man and the opportunity.”

Long talks forged their friendship. According to House’s recollections, often the only source available, Wilson told him at the outset: “My dear friend, we have known each other always.” House resisted any formal role with Wilson. In an unofficial capacity as Wilson’s best…

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