How is YOUR day going so far?

Did anyone get to see the Pope’s visit to the Phillipines? Did you watch the coverage on EWTN? How about the Final Mass in Manila as televised from both EWTN and Fox News?
Any thoughts re the Holy Father that you would like to share?
welcome 2 my life
Did you attend Mass today yourself? Any thoughts from the homily of your priest you would like to share?
If you’re non Catholic how do you spend your Sundays?
2 most important
We’re making a kielbasa (polish sausage)soup today. We pray AFTER meals too because we are thankful we are still alive.Am going to finish watching some flip or flop on #HGTV then take a nap(not well). Today they’re in Anaheim Hills,California buying a short sale home. One thing about these shows that kill me.I can’t believe there are homes at these prices-and really can’t believe all these ppl have that kind of money. Finally,wondering how on earth they get approved for a mortgage?We change channels or turn it off when it comes to Dan and his ‘husband’ Joe or Jiil and her ‘wife’ Jane. We draw the line.It’s too hard to take.It’s un-natural and difficult to watch. I do like the couple on Fixer Upper.Very nice ppl.  Hope to hear from everyone-until tonight-God bless you!


One last question. Have you guyz seen the commercial of the elderly man (grandpa)with the pigeons “tweeting” for him ? Isn’t that hilarious?!

So We Want to Defeat Islamic Terrorism. Step 2

We must know and now reclaim our country’s identity.

IF the country is the United States the foundation is Judeo-Christian.

Ok,Obama said we are not a Christian nation.

Wrong. The founding fathers would STRONGLY disagree with him.

I get that people would say times have changed. Yes,they have.

What doesn’t change are truths.

The framers spelled it out;We are endowed by our Creator w/ certain inalienable rights among these are life,

liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

You don’t believe in a Creator? You don’t believe in God?

Remember the declaration of endowed by Creator also states for ALL men and that includes the atheist and agnostic.

You don’t have to believe and nobody is putting a gun to your head.

The founders were Christian men with deeply held religious convictions-even Jefferson,although he was  deist.

We have definitely gone off the rails and it probably started during the 60’s.

The one good thing that came out of the 60’s was the Civil RIghts movement led by Martin Luther King Jr.

It is one of the noteworthy speeches in our history and King a remarkable figure in our country’s history.It is a timeless and truthful speech. Truths that stand for all ages.
The rest of the 60’s left a lot to be desired.
Obama writes himself in Dreams From My Father,

I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

The big difference between what the founders fought for and the reckless radicals of the 60’s were persuing is that one was a fight for freedom and the other a fight for license. It’s not hard to figure out which one is which unless you’re not seeing with open eyes or you rather not admit the truth even if you see it.

BTW.Obama is not the problem. We had a problem long before we elected him.
On the one hand electing the first black President was a positive.A good thing.
On the other hand electing a radical secular humanist-forget his race-willing to trample on our foundation was taking the last step over the cliff.
The Obama campaign used his race to get him elected. Believe me i was called a racist by a number of his operatives every time i pointed out the truth about him.You couldn’t criticize Obama without being called a racist.
However,when Obama leaves office(and it can’t be soon enough)we will still have the same problems. We will still be off the rails.
You could ask,what does any of this have to do with Islamic terrorism?
They know what they’re fighting for.
The radicals-like Obama-declared freedom was being able to do whatever we want.
I hate to burst their bubble but that’s licentiousness,not freedom.
The Founding Fathers didn’t risk life,limb and livlihood to defend license.
So we want to defeat Islamic terrorism? We have to get our own house in order again and then hope we can elect a President who will get it. In fact,if we don’t, we will destroy ourselves long before they do.
The next step[Step 3] is going to deal with the military front in the battle.One thing is certain,we MUST win.
I know Obama has been sending out drone strikes now and then,taking out the leadership of the terrorist groups.
He first told us they were on the run. I think that was something on the order of “if you like your doctor,you can keep your doctor.” It’s called a LIE.
Anyway,you have heard the old axiom, ‘too many cheifs and not enough Indians.’ Obama is taking out the leaders and the groups are growing by leaps and bounds in spite of the strikes.
The drone strikes are only somewhat effective.They have a handful of cheifs and PLENTY of “Indians.”
God willing,back tonight and we’ll venture into the military component. Keep in mind we must do ALL the steps.Just one won’t do.

you ask why

So we want to defeat Islamic Terrorism.Step 1

Forget Obama. He could care less. His national security team is a joke.

We’ll have to pray that we survive the next 2 yrs with him in office.

I’d like to list his offenses against the country but that would take a whole entry in itself. Really ppl,he DOESN’T care one iota about the United States.I’ve listened to the pundits long enough trying to figure him out and analyse him but the truth is that he doesn’t care.Any man who could  be  elected President of a country and watch one of his own countrymen be brutally murdered,  then go play golf and laugh is beyond a poor President. Think about that for a minute.
Suffice it to say he is not going to defend us against Islamic terrorism.
Let’s skip down to the steps we should take.

Discover your country’s foundation..Rediscover it if you must.

Know what your own country is about and take it back!!

Let’s take a look at the United States of America and remember who we are.I would begin by spelling out what we are not:
1. We are not a Democracy.We are a Republic.As in,

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the REPUBLIC,for which it stands,
one nation,Under God,with liberty and justice for all.

Definition: a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.
2. The United States is NOT a Crusader country.
ISIS refers to the U.S. as a Crusader country.Not possible.The first Crusade took place in 1095.The United States wasn’t even a thought at the time. Christopher Columbus explored a country in 1492 which today is known as America.

The colonies declared their independence from Great Britian on July 4,1776.
Bottom line:The Crusades had long been over by this time and the United States didn’t even exist when the Crusades took place.In fact the United States has NEVER EVER EVER fought a religious war.No,we are not a Crusader country. The facts aren’t straight.We’ve fought wars,but not religious wars per se.
There was the American Revolution…that was a fight for independence from Britian.The Civil War was south against north over emancipation of slaves. We fought wars against Communist regimes. About it.Give or take a few in between;but NONE were religious wars like the Crusades.
3. The United States is not a secular progressive country.
Our founders were men of deeply held religious convictions. Jefferson was a deist,but the majority were Christians.
Our foundation is Judeo-Christian.
Our founding documents were based on religious principles. Atheists don’t write,”Endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights*.”
4. We do not have a seperation of church and state iin our founding documents.The founding fathers had no such intention. As much as people like to refer to the Establishment clause to back up their argument for seperation of church and state that’s not what it says,let alone what it means.When the founders were determining the form of governance the new country should take, they decided it would not be a monarchy like Great Britian; headed by a King who was also the head of the Church of England. This is why they wrote that Congress shall make no law establishing a religion. They were not anti religion.They were not trying to seperate religion from governance either.They were trying to avoid the form of government established in Great Britain.
PERIOD.You want to see a Constitution that includes [explicitly] seperation of church and state you only have to look as far as the Constitution of the [former] USSR.

Sunday night we’ll continue on to Step 2. It will have more to do with what the United States IS than what it is NOT.

ben carson
*The final version of the Declaration uses the word “unalienable.” Some earlier drafts used the word “inalienable,” which is the term our modern dictionaries prefer. The two words mean precisely the same thing.