Open Letter to Mr Gutfeld

First let me say i’m sorry to hear about your parents.I had no idea your mom had passed away too. I lost my mom to cancer.It’s something you don’t get over. My condolences.

Second,i wanted to say we’re both on the same page re the practioners(muslims*) of the death cult but i’ll go one step further.This might sound anti American but i bet more people are thinking it and they’re just not saying it. Before i go there an explanation. What really infuriates me about these people is that they come to our countries to take advantage of our freedoms then abuse them.They use our freedoms to see if they can IMPOSE their will-their way of life-on us. Sorry to say but we’re not getting it and we LET them. We pride ourselves on our freedoms and tolerance so much we’ve convinced ourselves we’re taking the moral high ground by letting them. It’s foolish. Would we have permitted the Nazi’s and SS to come to our country and become citizens.Would we have allowed them  to spread their facism and hatred of the Jews here and abroad? Would we have permitted them to take away the rights of Jews and citizens that sympathize with them? Would we have permitted them to come here and kill Jews  both here and abroad? Could you imagine it? Then why do we lef these people in here? In order to protect our way of life and STOP EVIL we should put our foot down and not permit them to come to our countries. Let them stay in their countries and practice their way of life.They can have all the freedoms they want there and if they don’t want them, more power to them.When they attack us then we have the right to defend ourselves. End of story.

If people think that’s intolerant and unAmerican all you have to do is ask if we should have let the Nazi’s and SS into our country. Case closed.We’re foolish.If we don’t get it soon this garbage is going to spread like wildfire.Oh wait….it already has.

*subtitute the word Christian for muslim and believe me liberals would not think twice about rounding us up and sending us on a slow boat to China. The bigger problem is that Islam is NOT a religion but we’ve been convinced that it is.