Left Overs, A few thoughts at the end of the day

Our new aide is terrific. We were having a good conversation a few days ago while she was on break.

Her husband is an electrician.They have 3 kids. He was injured a little over a year ago i believe and had to be laid off for a short.

Their car was repossessed. They tried to get food stamps. Denied.The reason,made “too much” money.Every which way they turned to get help they got turned down. He finally went back to work.Now they’re playing catch up.She took the aide job to help get them on their feet.

You see,they are the working class. They’re the people who get no help when they REALLY need it.

The rich do get richer. The poor in our country get all kinds of goodies.We can’t really say the lower class in our country (or poor as it’s called)are destitute.  Destitute is what my parents and yours lived through in the Great Depression. There was no safety net.It’s the middle class working people who get the squeeze today  and provide for the non working people. Yet when THEY need help they can’t get it.

This is our America today.The next blog is going to be about the regulations surrounding home buying. Have a few things to say about that too.Learned from experience.The REGULATIONS are nonsensical and that’s an understatement.Greg Gutfeld(Rey Eye,the Five)mentioned a court decision that permits anyone(does the word pervert come to mind) to take an ‘up the skirt’ photo with camera because it’s art.Greg said it right-everything is “art.”
Actually Michaelangelo’s Pieta is art. A lot of what is passed off for as ‘art’ is nothing more than vice. I would like to think most people know the difference but after this court decision starting to have doubts.
Our courts are out of control. When did it become their job to make laws? I thought that was Congress. Speaking of laws,Sen Ted Cruz TRIED to get a bill passed that would designate fighting for hostile foreign govt or foreign terrorist org as renunciation of US citizenship:

Didn’t pass the Senate. Their should also be an amendment to the Constitution banning Sharia.

As always i thought about my son,grandkids,brother today-and my parents. There isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t think about these people and include them in my prayers.

Reminds me,watched a terrific new program on EWTN called Saints and Scoundrels.The first episode featured St Augustine of Hippo and Jean-Jacques Rousseau the (not for the good) influential 18th-century Swiss-French philosopher.They both wrote a book called Confessions. Rousseau’s Confession was in response to St Augustine’s. St Augustine’s Confessions is worth reading.

Let’s wrap it up for the day,shall we? Pray a rosary or say 3 Hail Mary’s tonight in reparation for the Ok City blasphemy against the Eucharist and the Church,k?

You get a chance stop by my other totally Catholic blog[not that this one ISN’T] for an entry called Our Lady of America.


For now,sleep peacefully,stay safe,God Bless and

sweet pink dreams