Dog Day

thanks be to God! What a beautiful day we have here. The next few days are going to be gorgeous.

Took a minute to take some indoor photos though.When the trees start turning will have hubbs or aide get some outdoor photos.

Here they are.Mostly the old dude,Mace and the baby,Cocoa Puff. Threw in one of the other old dude,hubbs watching Redskins play Eagles while simultaneously doing some pirate ‘stuff.’ I would normally call it junk but we’ll be nice here.The last photo is the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary i’ve been working on for months. Not quite done,but am hoping to finish soon. Sorry it’s blurry.Tried several times.It’s the camera operator[not the camera] and I apologize.

cocoa in his spotfound that sunny spot

cocoa spot 2cocoa in his perchfrom his ‘perch’ under the table

mace posesMace,out like a light

Our Computer Room

gary watching footballHIS sideblogging cornerHER side(the blogging side of the room)


Sorry so blurry-it’s the operator

Blessed Virgin Mary, ALMOST  done.

blessed virgin painted

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