Dog Day

thanks be to God! What a beautiful day we have here. The next few days are going to be gorgeous.

Took a minute to take some indoor photos though.When the trees start turning will have hubbs or aide get some outdoor photos.

Here they are.Mostly the old dude,Mace and the baby,Cocoa Puff. Threw in one of the other old dude,hubbs watching Redskins play Eagles while simultaneously doing some pirate ‘stuff.’ I would normally call it junk but we’ll be nice here.The last photo is the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary i’ve been working on for months. Not quite done,but am hoping to finish soon. Sorry it’s blurry.Tried several times.It’s the camera operator[not the camera] and I apologize.

cocoa in his spotfound that sunny spot

cocoa spot 2cocoa in his perchfrom his ‘perch’ under the table

mace posesMace,out like a light

Our Computer Room

gary watching footballHIS sideblogging cornerHER side(the blogging side of the room)


Sorry so blurry-it’s the operator

Blessed Virgin Mary, ALMOST  done.

blessed virgin painted

EWTN For Shut Ins,Holy Hour at 8:00 PM EST

For those who are shut ins(like moi)and cannot get to a church for a Holy Hour tonight  EWTN is having a Holy Hour in Reparation for the blasphemous service being held publicly in Oklahoma City.The Holy Hour will begin at 8:00 pm EST

For those who don’t get EWTN on cable they have a livestream here:

If you’re not sure if EWTN is offered on cable in your area here is the EWTN Channel Finder. Just type in your zip code.

You can also watch the Papal visit to Albania live today broadcast from EWTN (24 hr broadcasting,7 days a week).


bread of life2


Masses, Adoration held across US in reparation for Harvard event | Religion

CNA/EWTN News.- Catholics across the U.S. and around the world are gathering to hold Eucharistic Adoration and Masses in reparation for the re-enactment of a satanic black mass being held Monday evening at Harvard University.Despite the “great evil” of the sacrilegious ceremony, Harvard senior Aurora Griffin told CNA May 12, “there’s been some very good things coming out of the opposition to it.”She explained that the response to Catholics concerned about the event “has been overwhelmingly positive” and that she has witnessed an “increased affection for the Eucharist” on campus.The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club sparked controversy when it announced plans to host a re-enactment of a satanic black mass on campus May 12.Connected to witchcraft and demonic worship, a black mass is a sacrilegious ceremony structured as a parody of the Catholic Mass. Invoking Satan, the ritual is centered around the desecration of the Eucharist, which is generally done by stealing a consecrated host from a Catholic church and using it in a profane sexual ritual, or defecating and urinating on it.A spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, which is staging the event, initially told media outlets that a consecrated host would be used, although the temple and the Cultural Studies Club both later denied this, insisting that only a plain piece of bread would be used.

via Masses, Adoration held across US in reparation for Harvard event | Religion.