Maybe the election of Barack Obama wasn’t a bad thing?

If people finally put to rest the idea that liberalism is great and doesn’t work in reality then maybe the election of Obama wasn’t such  a terrible thing after all. IF we learn our lesson once and for all. Don’t get me wrong. We have to put the brakes on him come Nov and get the country moving in the right direction. We don’t stop Obama come Nov there will be hell to pay for the next 2 yrs. He doesn’t care what he does-he’s not getting elected again.His term is up. He wants to get puppets elected in Nov.That he DOES care about. And once the Nov election is over-if he gets his pals in there (a majority in the Senate again)he’sgoing to be concerned even less.[IF that’s possible] We vote,we win.We don’t vote-we lose big time.The turn out should be historic.

Pray for the country. BTW.Pray wherever and whenever you like.It’s YOUR country.It’s YOUR right. Who the heck do these militant atheists think they are to infringe on our right of free speech? I don’t recall this ever being a problem.You’re an atheist and you don’t want to pray.Fine.Don’t.

I don’t recall our needing your permission.

What a much better country we had years ago.Anyway,i hope this was lesson learned even for liberals.

I just hope to God we don’t get attacked in the next 2 yrs. It will be a huge relief when he leaves office. Maybe the next time we can think about who we’re electing. Wisdom.

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Stay safe,sleep peacefully,God Bless!




Mr O Reilly, the Internet is NOT evil

You seem to think that were it not for the internet our culture/society would not be engaged in half the immoral and decadent behavior it is today. IMHO the SWAMP had already started. The internet is just a tool. Believe me a lot of atrocious things would still be going on in the world with or without the internet.

Parents don’t need to monitor their kids internet activity.They need to teach them right and wrong from the beginning.

I would keep an eye on the schools and watch them a lot closer than i would the internet.

As for ISIS and other terrorist organizations-yep,they’re using cyber space to recruit.If the United States would catch on they could use the same social media to get people out of the ideology of groups like ISIS.

Remember too that information can be disseminated in countries that are run by tyrants. (Remember Radio Free Europe?) The big difference now is that information travels much faster and can go across country lines unfiltered. It’s a minus and a plus.The internet is not evil.It only depends on what it’s used for. That’s true about books,movies,music and tv. Technology,like anything else,can be used for good or evil.

Don’t want kids doing untoward things on the internet?Talk to them. Don’t just tell them no. Give them something to say yes to You know,like self respect. Catch them doing this stuff? SHUT IT DOWN. Watch who your kids pick for friends. It’s true.
Birds of a feather do flock together. Don’t like the friends; show them the door. It’s YOUR house.There is a lot of trash on the internet but then there is a lot of trash in other mediums as well. You talk about the music a lot. Good points! There’s also a lot of good information on the internet. There’s even a lot of garbage on the internet. I’ve posted  information that looked true and turned out to be bogus. Yes,you have to be cautious.

Live and learn.

Any typos, my apologies. Too lazy to dig up my specs. It’s 10:30 p.m.. Us old people poop out early.

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Thousands Flee Into Turkey Fearing Imminent ISIS Attack On Kurdish Town Of Kobani

Thousands Flee Into Turkey Fearing Imminent ISIS Attack On Kurdish Town Of Kobani.

The U.S. has stood by and let how many 1k be murdered by ISIS before stepping in? We keep hearing about all the help we’re giving the Kurds.You hear from the Kurds themselves and get the REAL story.
Obama is all talk. No wonder ppl aren’t ready to get on board.Get on board of what?

Bleeding Wound in a Political Heart

Byzantium on Brew

By Fr. Athanasius McVay
The Maidanrevolution of dignity was supported by all Churches and religious groups of Ukraine. It was opposed by the Kremlin and its allies. In a recentarticle for First Things, Ukrainian Orthodox (Moscow Patriarchate) Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun identified the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC) as a prominent and visible moral support to the justice movement. For this, the UGCC earned the ire of Putin and his cohorts. In January, the Russian strongman revealed his hand when, at a press conference in Paris, he lamented what he claimed had been agitation by “clergy from Western Ukraine” (read UGCC). Since that time, the rhetoric of the Russian state Church has taken on an increasingly hostile tone toward the UGCC (whom it continues to label “Uniate,” an historical term which, already in the 18th century, had strong pejorative overtones), as well as to other religious groups in Ukraine. Such was…

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