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how i rollJust when i want to feel really sorry for myself because things aren’t going well or i’ve goofed up a relationship or I want to boo hoo over what i think is a big deal someone wakes up and is beheaded just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.They’re brutally murdered for being a Journalist or for  being an aide worker trying to help people.When  i want to go lay down because my Meniere’s disease is causing a panic/anxiety attack i learn that thousands of people are dying a horrible death in Africa and have no treatment.Just when i’m really angry at someone for a matter that won’t amount to a hill of beans 20 yr from now i’m reminded of the incredible mercy of Jesus for all the terrible things i’ve done in my life and  that His mercy and love is inexhaustible. Who am I to hold a grudge? Jesus is God.

I definitely make no apologies for saying Obama has a problem when he claims that ISIS is not Islamic.Of course it is. The problem is not radical Islam.The problem is that Islam IS radical. The tenets don’t reassure me the goal of Islam is peace and tolerance. You disagree you’re as good as dead. The 2nd generation will be as uneducated as the first. They don’t see the need to learn ANYTHING but hate; yet they depend on the West for the technology they couldn’t possibly develop. I tend to agree with them on a few things.One of them is their desire to live in the stone age. The West can help them out there.

I did not vote for Obama.You could not have paid me a million to vote for Obama. I listened to what he was ACTUALLY saying and checked into his background. The American people heard a couple words;hope and change. That’s all they needed? Excuse me…



I make no apologies for when i speak the truth in love or post a blog entry where someone else gets to the crux of the matter.This  is not to say i have led a perfect life[far from it].

In short,it’s how i roll.


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