Issa Bombshell: Lois Lerner funneled Rep. Cummings Info About True The Vote

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April, 10, 2014 — nicedeb

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) released emails Wednesday afternoon showing that Lois Lerner coordinated with Rep. Elijah Cummings and committee Democrats multiple times between 2012 and 2013, providing them information they requested about True the Vote, the 501(c)(4) voter integrity organization that was singled out for IRS scrutiny (not to mention FBI, ATF, OSHA and EPA-affiliated TCEQ scrutiny.)

Expect fireworks Thursday morning when the Government Oversight and Reform committee convenes to vote on holding Lerner in contempt of Congress. The fun begins at 9:00 am Eastern…
Congressman Trey Gowdy went On the Record with Greta Van Sustern to talk about the latest IRS scandal revelations:

Meanwhile on PMSNBC they have finally sprung into action to defend the poor besieged person who’s been so unfairly targeted: Joy Reid: Holding Lois Lerner In Contempt ‘Really Does Ratchet Up The…Persecution Of Her’


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The Stigmata of St. Francis


tumblr_maierrjNZG1rrutr7o1_400In the year 1224 St. Francis of Assisi was given a gift of grace which no one could have imagined: the sacred stigmata.  St. Francis, the ardent lover of Christ crucified, now bore in his own body the wounds of the Passion.  On this day all Franciscans celebrate the Feast of the Stigmata of Our Holy Father Francis, which was first instituted by Pope Benedict XI.  Below is the second reading from today’s office of readings

From the Legenda Minor of Saint Bonaventure

Two years before Francis, the faithful servant of Christ, gave his soul back to God, he was alone on the top of Mt. Alverna.  There he had begun a fast of forty days in honor of the archangel Michael and was immersed more deeply than usual in the delights of heavenly contemplation.  His soul became aglow with the ardor of fervent longing for heaven as he experienced within…

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Hey Sunshine(that’s you)!

rising sunHow is everyone this morning?

We all woke up and the day has started. We already have a lot to be grateful for,right?

I stopped by a website to see if our aide’s time sheets were submitted. We seem to have run into a snag. I worry. I don’t want to see them go without their due pay.They’re good people. I have a few other important things to look into on the computer today,including a credit report. Yes,we’re still TRYING to buy our home(renting at the moment).

I peeked in on my grand daughter’s (Alexa…the one i have all the photos of)Twitter account to see how she’s doing and what she’s up to. There are just some things you have to do even if your best instinct says,don’t. Every so often i reply to her with a blog link.Generally when i post up one of her photos.I’m not sure she receives the links.Am blocked. No big deal though. It is,what it is.



Checked email to see how brother was doing. He’s gone back to teaching for the year and of course he replied. “I”m busy.” Sometimes the most he has time for is to write,”I’m fine.” I have to hear that much.I know he’s ok then and can get on with the day. The man works from the time he gets up till the time he goes to bed.He’s a very dedicated teacher, who i think will be extremely glad when he can finally retire. Not sure what he’ll do after that.

What’s next on the agenda for the day? The dishes are done.Got that far. Aide will be in at 10:00 and i have to get husband motivated by then.

They’re going to take a lap top[ i fixed ]over to a  local ‘pawn’ shop, to see if they will buy it. We don’t need it. I’m not crazy about lap tops.The processors get too warm and more often than not the battery and chargers go.

We both have our own desktops. Perfectly content with that.

Looks like a gorgeous day out again too. Love the 60’s and 70’s-running the furnace at night and snuggling up in the blanket with Cocoa Puff. Mace has gotten too old to climb on our bed anymore. He can barely make it up on the sofa.He hangs in there though.Like the rest of us.


I see in the news where Obamacare covers abortion. Think our President may  have lied? Shock. i see they’re still doing these pin prick air strikes that are having little to no effect on ISIS. I was sure we,along with Great Britain,would start a serious air campaign. Not happening.

I can’t wait to vote in November and send the guy a message. PLS get out to vote this time.It’s too important. Staying home is not an option!

My husband and i do absentee ballots and we never miss.Mom and dad always impressed on us how important it was to vote. I remember when you had to be 21 too.

We’re definitely going to talk about Obamacare and abortion today. We’re going to talk about the lame war against ISIS. I’m also going to put up a blog entry about the stigmata of St Francis. One of my favorite saints. Last,but not least,I’ll wrap up the entry on homosexuality. I was watching the news this morning and making a mental note of the commercials. Talk about an oversexualized culture.Every other commercial centers around sexual innuendo. I see where they banned a shirt a teen was wearing to school. It said,virginity rocks. People were offended?


The coffee pot is on. Have to get these peepers open,wait till the aide goes home and get a few important matters out of the way.Then we’ll sit down at the keyboard and let it roll.





In the Black Hole to the Bright Light

This has been an unusual month in our household. Just as I was dwelling on some struggles-both emotional and financial-read the following comment on Fr Z’s blog. It was in re to the murder of David Haines by ISIS.

Screen shot:

Screenshot_120The comment really jerked me back to how petty and small some of my concerns have been.

I shouldn’t minimize family problems.People are important after all.Still, when you consider the horrible suffering of other people you have to admit most of us wouldn’t trade problems for a second.

I was also told that he who owns the gold rules the world. I won’t share the origins of that comment because it was via private email.


The one thought i had was, i’ve never seen a hearse with a u-haul behind it either.I kept it to myself. More often than not I’m just better off being silent.

In light of the comment on Fr Z’s blog and some needed quiet time decided to postpone concluding the blog on homosexuality. Meantime, a number of other topics have crossed my mind too.I put those on hold as well. A good word for this is  reflection.However,I’m not getting any younger either-better not put the blog on hold too much longer.

One final thought before i roll out and hit the sack;i’ve been listening to our fearless leader Obama and keeping track of world events,particularly Iraq.I’ve concluded i don’t believe a word he says anymore.I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now i know there’s just too much talking and not enough doing.It’s ALL political. He should not have  been elected President.

We’re in big trouble. Pray(and be more informed the next time you vote,k?)

Till Tomorrow…let’s give thanks for our blessings then get a good nights sleep.

night and sweet dreams bunny