Tornado(no sharks included)

It wasn’t a bad spring/summer around here weather-wise.Seen worse. We’re marching towards my favorite season now.Autumn.

On the other hand any time you get a hot,humid day with severe thunderstorms in the forecast it’s also possible to see an outbreak of


Here’s the Great Tornado Outbreak of 1985.Went across the 2 states of Ohio and Pennsylvania:

We had the sirens go off once last year and sure enough a twister touched down fairly close to us and was rolling our way when it (thank God)dissipated.Yes,it did considerable damage where it hit and it was only an F1(F2?) Yesterday conditions were favorable and yes there were a few in the states of Ohio and Indiana,among others.


The one thing that does amaze me when these beautiful amazing monsters pop up [is that] people are just bewildered.

All spring and summer we go over our plan with our aide;that way we all be on the same page if it ever happens.”Hubb”s and i have to have a plan because it’s altogether possible that the aide will have gone for the day and we’ll have no help. We’re disabled and with just us and 2 dogs it would not be a good scenario. What we don’t want to be doing is going into a panic at the last minute;a time when you need your wits about you.

IF you are weather aware,with a plan and a place it’s easier to be calm and just DO. Then pray of course!

Here’s our plan. When i’m done,curious,what’s yours?

1. Be WEATHER AWARE.I pretty much keep an eye on the weather often.Not necessarily every single day but if we’re due for a hot/humid day or there’s a chance of Thunderstorms i check it out-or if the aide and hubbs have plans for the day that will entail going out/travel.

 It certainly prevents getting caught off guard. I’ve seen these events take place on days that you wouldn’t have a clue anything was going to happen. The skies are blue,the wind is calm. Just another day. It’s a good reason to be weather aware.I tune into the weather channel or go to their website and if you really want to get a serious heads up there is the Convection Forecast. We don’t have it but some people can,a weather alert on phone. Being aware is not the same as being paranoid. I’ve just seen too many times in the news where people have headed out on the road or gone to bed….or just plain caught off guard. With the technology the meteorologists have these days, if you are weather aware, there is no reason to be caught off guard.The reports are amazingly accurate and timely.They may tell you a day ahead when there’s trouble on the horizon.

It wasn’t anything like that years ago. They didn’t even have the tornado warnings they have these days-the siren.Some places STILL don’t so being weather aware in these areas could be a life saver. The weather reports do no good if people don’t pay attention to them. So that’s step 1 around here. We had one year there was a major outbreak of tornadoes and it hit our area. So much for the “it could never happen here” attitude. It can happen ANYWHERE.

2. I check to see where severe weather will be possible. You can also check Dr Forbes Tornado Index

3. A WATCH means just that. Keep an eye peeled and your ears open. Tune into tv,radio or check on your computer. Keep an eye to the sky too.

Watch means the conditions are FAVORABLE. Another words a tornado is possible and they want you to stay on your toes. This is where the  plan goes into action.During the WATCH we’re getting ready just in case. The 2 dogs go into the basement along with husband. Aide and I grab the 2 handy flashlights-they’re always out in plain sight. We won’t have to waste precious time trying to find them. They’re WORKING flashlights too.Grab cordless phone plus she has our cell phone. There is a single bed in the basement and the mattress will be good cover.

ROSARY BEADS. Yep,i’m praying the rosary. If you’re in a mobile home this is a good time to get out and go to your safe place.If you don’t have one,get one. Some place you can go and get going;either when you know there’s a chance or if a watch has actually come up. Once the warning is issued and the sirens go off it is probably too late. Husband and dogs will be in our basement while we’re under the watch and the aide and I will be ready to head down with him if a warning is issued. We’re ready to go;no time wasted. If i see something on the radar and have any inclination the warnings is going to go off anyway we’re heading down the stairs then.I would not be driving to the safe place in the middle of a WARNING. WARNING means just that. Tornado on ground,seek shelter IMMEDIATELY. Time’s up. Have the safe place in mind LONG before this and be there during the WATCH. If nothing happens …it’s not a wasted trip. I’d rather be wrong and alive than right and dead.

Our dogs are like family but i’ll be darned if we’re chasing down pets during  a warning. They’re going to the basement during the watch.If it’s between us and them,it’s us. Dogs can be replaced.

4. Do not be driving around if you don’t have to be. PERIOD. In a mobile home,get out,go to the safe place. I would also get to know my neighbors and if you have a basement and they don’t let them know they’re welcome in yours in case of emergency. If you plan on getting out to a safe place see what plans they have-if they also live in a mobile home and have no transportation you may want to offer.

Let’s look out for each other. You can’ t force them,but you can offer.

Really 2 places you do NOT want to be if there’s a tornado.MOBILE HOME(trailer)or CAR. By the way WEAR SHOES. If a tornado hits there will be debris to one extent or another. If you can help it i wouldn’t be walking around in barefeet

Last but not least,HAVE A PLAN and go over it.

Go over it  with family members every so often especially during the seasons when a tornado is possible or likely. God forbid don’t get the idea that it can never happen where you are. There’s a myth that if you’re surrounded by hills or a mountain a tornado can’t get around that. WRONG! A tornado can go over hills,mountains,you name it…even water. A big mistake is to get a false sense of security.

Here’s a wrap up of our plan:
1. STAY WEATHER AWARE. Tune into reports. Nothing wrong with checking forecast every day.

2. TORNADO WATCH-2 DOGS,HUSBAND  GO TO BASEMENT. If our aide is not here,it’s HUSBAND,DOGS AND ME.We use the bed mattress for cover while we’re in the basement

3 Aide is here,HUSBAND AND DOGS GO TO BASEMENT. Aide and I  have the flashlights,phone and rosary in hand. WARNING goes up,we’re there right then and there that second or even during the watch before hand.

4. We heed ALL warnings.Period.

Seriously,have a plan and go over it. As you look at our plan it’s very simple. WATCH:get ready. Go to basement. WARNING: In the basement for sure.


That’s our plan. Would you be kind enough to share yours?If there’s anything you can think of that’s helpful i missed,PLS let us know!




We’re going to have a slight change of subject later on today

coffee with sugar and creamI had a few notes scribbled out last night on a topic i wanted to cover. You see i don’t write the blog entries out.They are,for the most part,written off the top of my head. There are times i will scribble down notes. A few times i have written a draft out before coming to the computer. My penmanship is atrocious. I can hardly read my own handwriting anymore-it’s from spending  far more time typing on a keyboard than actually writing with a pen. Letters are a thing of the past.It’s email and Twitter these days. I went off track from the topic originally planned.The President gave his’ ISIL’ speech last night. Today we remember 9/11. It’s been 13 yrs.I went justifiably off track. Obama gave a very good speech at the Pentagon this morning too.Surprised.i threw in a few words last night about his ISIS strategy and a post on 9/11 this morning.  When our aide leaves for the day and i have the quiet time i need, will post the topic i intended to cover.It’s going to be called,Here’s Our Plan,What’s Yours? Would like to hear what people have to say about it too.

Hope you’re having a good morning so far and a good rest of day. Back asap!! God Bless.



How Adorable: ISIS Releases Video Of Their Youngest Female Jihadist… | Weasel Zippers

How Adorable: ISIS Releases Video Of Their Youngest Female Jihadist… | Weasel Zippers.

This is why we have terrorists and why they have to count on the west.  They can’t possibly be educating their children in math,science or reading. While their kids may be dumb as a box of rocks the one thing they know how  to do well is kill innocent people.They even learn how to blow themselves up.Aren’t they sweeties? What young girl would not want to grow up to be a barbaric terrorist rather than get married and have a family  of her own?

Remember 9/11 .Never forget!

everything-i-need-to-know-about-islam_thumb[2]They’re reading off the names of the victims on Fox news.We won’t forget. The terrorists will not be remembered. Only their leaders who will always be remembered as barbarians…the rank and file who die for them will have no memorial.The leaders will have no memorial. No monument to engrave their atrocities upon. The families of the 9/11 victims will keep the victims in their prayers. The terrorists left their families to fight in  their so called jihad and could care less about the families they left behind.The wives,children and parents they left behind mean nothing to them.  The terrorists say we fear death and they don’t. It’s not that we fear death.Our country gives blood and treasure time and time again to protect the most weak and vulnerable because we embrace life. The terrorists embrace a death cult. They have no idea what it means to care about human life.They don’t even value their own and even less others. This is what we face as a nation and it’s evil.We have faced evil before and its always been defeated. We must remember that, so when the call comes, we rise up as a nation.

hear you

“I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!” Pres George W. Bush

Excerpt from the The Bull Horn Speech.Video of the  whole speech below.

Whatever  you may  think of the former President Bush-good or ill- there is one thing you have to admit.When he said something he MEANT it with all his heart and soul.It wasn’t always politics.



Obama’s Speech.You may be shocked

It’s 2:00 a.m. so i don’t have the energy to write anything with a lot of detail.I will say this-I am NOT going to criticize Pres Obama for what sounds like an effort to take out ISIS. Strange but true. I will take a few days to think about what he outlined and keep a close eye on events in Syria and Iraq. Then i  may make a few comments. When our President appears to be weak we don’t pile on;not when it comes to sending our military into battle.His plan has to work and if it doesn’t go well he might have to change strategy.[Know that from the time Bush did the surge in Iraq.] I’m not saying we can’t criticize him-I’ve done plenty of that-but that we should be willing to give him a chance.

I know one thing for certain.We can’t afford to do nothing.

I also wish Pres Obama would have spent more time attacking the real enemy than the time he wasted attacking people at home like the Tea Party,Republicans,the Catholic Church,Christians  and(in general) the ppl who didn’t vote for him.He could have won us over rather than divide us. Yes,he would have made a better President and a good leader if he spent more time going after the real enemies of the state than the citizens of the country that elected him.

However,if he’s willing to bomb,kill and destroy the evil group called ISIS I’m willing to support him.

I get what he was doing when he said it was not a group representing Islam. One of the attractions of ISIS[ to certain groups of people] is that they sell themselves as being Islamic.They’re terrorists. At least he got that far. He also said it was not a state because there wasn’t a government on the planet that recognized it as a state.I can buy that argument. They believe they’re a state.Not good enough.They’ve got territory,they’ve got arms,they’ve got funding.When there isn’t a government or head of state that recognizes them as a state they can make the claim all they want.  We all know they dream of a caliphate.

For now,I want to leave it at that and mull it over for a few days.

Too many people are going to be thinking about the upcoming elections(Nov)and politics. I just hope the people in Congress will do what is right and forget about politics for a change. I’d like to see them vote on principle rather than thinking about their own prospects;either in the mid terms or 2016.Anyway,Obama gets a pass from me and support if he needs it to beat ISIS.That’s where i’m at with it tonight.  I really do need to sleep on it,think it over,see what happens from here before i am willing to make a REAL judgement.For now,am glad he’s stepped up to the plate for whatever reason.We’ll see.

Again,we can’t afford to do nothing and these pin pricks(limited air strikes) aren’t going to destroy ISIS.

never forget never surrender