Don’t argue w/ your spouse so loud you can’t hear the storm

Not a good idea but it makes for a catchy title. Yes,we were arguing so loud with the window open we didn’t see the storm coming.The rain was coming down in buckets,lightning flashing and wind blowing. Hubbs suddenly yells “OMG the fans in the window and it’s pouring.” End of argument. We ran around shutting all the windows.
I think I’m awake enough now to get caught up with the folks.
I did stop in to reblog some EXTRAORDINARY articles and there are a bunch of them.They didn’t post. I stopped by Twitter and the atheist brigade is piling on in my absence. I do not feel like replying to all 20 ppl at the moment.
We’ll get to em,when we get to em.
So i gave up on the blog,twitter,the computer. Will give it a try tomorrow.I may even stop by Twitter.Glutton for punishment.
Every now and then it doesn’t hurt to step away does it?
Sept 8th was my mother’s birthday and it’s a holy day of obligation.Feast of the Immaculate Conception. If i feel well enough our aide is going to take me to Mass and the cemetery. It’s going to be very dependent on how I’m doing.
We’ll see Sunday night,Monday morning.

Our new aide has to take off Saturdays because of prior commitments.Karen will be back to fill in for her.They’re both sweethearts. Two totally different ppl but you couldn’t ask for nicer.
I suppose for that reason alone i should bug out. Have to be up in the morning. Yes,I will be back. Will try the reader again and see if we can’t get these articles posted. They really are terrific!
Night all.God Bless and God willing Back Tomorrow.

Also don’t post nude photos of yourself on the internet(let alone the computer)That way you don’t have to worry about them getting leaked. Who on earth puts nude photos of themselves on their computer unless they’re totally narcissistic. Just sayin. Besides,common sense says that the internet world is made up of many good ppl but there are some perverts out and about. Be cautious,especially if you’re young,k?