ISIS Has A Training Camp For Kids as Young As 10 Years Old (Video)

Nice Deb

Democrats like to use the educational system as a recruitment tool – targeting the young minds and filling them with liberal propaganda with the hope that their efforts will lead kids to become lifelong liberals.

It turns out – ISIS uses the same strategy.  As the death cult rolls through towns and villages it Iraq and Syria,  they are filling young skulls full of mush with radical Islamist propaganda and subjecting them to ideas and behaviors of which their parents likely disapprove –  stonings, beheadings, and crucifixions.

 “Recruitment” usually goes something like this: “Bring your kids to the ISIS children’s camp, or we’ll behead you in front of them. Then we’ll take them anyway, so you might as well come willingly.”

Once in the camps, the kids are essentially brainwashed – radicalized into the ISIS way of life.

Yesterday, CNN ran a heartbreaking, harrowing, report which featured a 13-year-old boy who’d managed to…

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91yo Dutch man returns Israeli WWII medal after Gaza strike kills 6 of his relatives — RT News

A 91-year-old Dutch man who was honored with Israel’s Righteous Among the Nations medal for rescuing a Jewish boy during WWII, has returned the award, after he learnt his six relatives were killed in the Gaza strip by an Israeli missile.The man, Henk Zanoli, sent the medal back to the place where he received it – the Israeli Embassy in The Hague, explaining in a letter attached that it wasn’t an easy decision for him.“It is with great sorrow that I am herewith returning the medal I received as an honor and a token of appreciation from the State of Israel,” reads the letter, published by Haaretz on Friday.Zanoli and his late mother, Johana Zanoli-Smit, were honored by the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in 2011 for having saved a Jewish child, Elhanan Pinto, born in 1932, during the Nazi occupation of Holland.

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