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Post Scripts from a pro life Catholic

Gun control. We’ve had several horrible incidents over a span of several  years now.The minute one of these incidents happen a cry goes out for gun contro;l meaning if we take away the 2nd amendment right to bear arms we will no longer face these tragedies.

I grew up in a house that had guns.Nobody shot anyone.I lived part of my adult life with my husband beside a gun shop. People were in and out all day long carrying their firearms to be repaired or sighted. I felt we lived in the safest place on the planet.Nobody was ever shot there either.Guns galore. It’s not the guns people. Yet, it’s another liberal bandwagon.

There are plenty of sound reasons these killings take place;but taking away the 2nd amendment right-an ACTUAL right-is not going to stop violence. It will simply make the law abiding unarmed and unable to protect themselves from criminals…

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Post Scripts from a pro life Catholic

if liberalism weren’t so dangerous to our country we could talk about the silliness of it all day long.

There’s nothing like false compassion where every month the liberals jump on a new bandwagon.It never has anything to do with the concrete world,that is REALITY.

Consider how many fund raisers Obama attended while something tragic was going on.

 Our economy is tanking,people are out of work,prices are skyrocketing where you have to decide between paying a bill and buying groceries, Obamacare is failing and what is he(Obama)worried about? He addresses the LGBT community.

We’re going to look into the silliness for a few days. I hope people will see liberalism for what it is.


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