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The things i regret about my own life are egregious but they can’t be undone.They are:
1. I was not a better mother to my son.I wasn’t there for part of his life
2.i wasn’t a better daughter to my parents.They tried so hard
3.i didn’t make it to my mother’s funeral.I was ill at the time;it has caused  problems too numerous to mention.One of them is a closure problem. 4. This isn’t a regret.Just something i had wished for. I wish i had married younger and had more children.Not meant to be.My son would have had a father and siblings to grow up with.
It’s a little humorous but i do recall one incident when my son was little.He got into trouble with a neighbor. It wasn’t a big deal.Just some harmless things kids do. Very harmless. The irate neighbor came flying over and informed me her son was brought up better than that.Here they ware all of 5 MAYBE 6 yr old and they were already ‘brought up.’ I didn’t think so then and don’t think so now. My son turned out very well and her son got into a lot of trouble when they did grow up. I’m not saying that to be vindictive but i did find it humorous to think back on that time in our life.I’m also not saying son is perfect but he’s not the criminal people were assuming he would end up being. Most of us knew better.
What about the movie of YOUR life? Is there anything you regret? On the other hand are there things that bring you good memories you’re glad you chose to do?

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