and where is fearless leader? Off to a fundraiser. So you think he wouldn’t abandon  ship during Benghazi? Didn’t he go on a fundraiser the day after the Ambassador was murdered? Yep,he did.

Sorry Mr President(and i use the term loosely). We have a Marine held in a Mexico prison.Our POTUS should be moving heaven and earth to get him out.

We have a VA secret list and vets have died…what does Obama say? He will get to the bottom of it.There’s nothing to get to the bottom of.Hold someone accountable and fire them. You know, as in let them go;not move them around or retire them with bonuses.

They had a secret waiting list.Vets didn’t get the care they needed-they died. It’s right up front now(not at the bottom of anything).We have a man who served his country sitting in a Mexico prison for making a wrong turn while we have illegals coming into our country treated with kid gloves.

Get him out Mr President. It’s your job.Your job is not partying with celebrities.Your job is not golfing with Tiger Woods.Your job is not rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.You’re job is not fundraising. My dad always said, “If it’s good for the country,it’s good for the party” and he was a registered Democrat till the day he died. Dad was right. You need to figure this out. It’s not all about the fun and games you get to enjoy because of your office. We don’t begrudge you the amenities.However,actually being the President means you make the  tough decisions.You’ll go out of your way to talk about the LGBT community.How about our vets? You know-the people who put their life on the line for our  country?

Your term is almost up.How about taking on the responsibilities of the President instead of acting like this is an episode of West Wing? We don’t care what jeans Michelle retired,k? Let me put it to you bluntly.You don’t treat our vets like crap. Talk is cheap.



I seem to be getting up on the wrong side of the bed lately and falling into various arguments. For one i had a personal issue at home to deal with,got into a huge scrap and ended up at Confession.Now that the scrap is behind us there is still a  problem.The words cannot be taken back. I can only hope for healing.For myself included; losing my temper that badly and not having more control over my mouth was a sure sign work needed on this end. 

For another,i keep bumping into what is known as liberals,usually huge Obama supporters. Here i take a slightly different view.i kind of get the people who voted for Obama the first time around. Ok,it was a historical vote. The first black President in our history.

Terrific. I wish they had also asked what kind of person Obama was because there are some white people I would never vote for.Obama could have been the first purple President and i would never have voted for him and the chances of ever having a purple President are slim to none. What truly amazed me were the Catholics who voted Obama and the evangelicals who stayed home; they may as well have cast their vote for Obama anyway. Obama ran against Bush although Bush was out of office.He surmised how  many people loathed Pres Bush.It was a winning strategy.He KNEW it would work. People voted Obama as the anti Bush President.It’s been all Bush’s fault ever since(or Fox news,or some office in Cincinnati’s fault etc).

Oh how i wish the American people had been smarter than this.I ran into Obama surrogates too-every single one of them accused me of being racist.Didn’t know me from a hill of beans but that’s the tactic they used. They were also told to get in our faces-they did.

That’s the first time around. How on earth could they fall for him the 2nd time around?

You’d think they’d have wised up by now.Liberals are another story. They have no problem with Obama and his policies. Some think he’s not moving fast and far enough but they’ll back him anyway if  push comes to shove.

Do they make me angry? Yep. They support policies we never had the debate over. The American people are now expected to tolerate anything and everything. We’re a totally divided country-which Obama likes incidentally-because we haven’t had the discussions we needed to have. When the Potus can’t implement a policy through law or EO he gets it through the courts stacked with activist judges who think THEY can make law. He gets them through other  agencies of the leviathan government. The tentacles are so far out and so wrapped into every day life now you can’t even see them.Not at first anyway.Not until there’s an IRS scandal where the over reach and unlawful entry of the arms of the government hit hard enough  that people have to fight back.

 You can’t tell me the Obama administration isn’t fully behind the ‘gay agenda’ and you can’t tell me they don’t have one.

You can’t tell me that the Obama administration isn’t fully behind attacking the Catholic Church. 

You can’t tell me Obama would just as soon do away with any and all opposition. Liberals are hell bent on silencing other voices.

They don’t like Fox news because it doesn’t fall in line with the Obama administration. It actually does its job. Does it make me angry? You bet it does.

Nixon should have had the propaganda machine of the media Obama has today. I don’t hate Obama,k? I don’t hate people with same sex attraction. I don’t hate minorities. I don’t hate anyone.I hate what is going on in our country.Strangely the liberals won’t like it if a conservative candidate is elected Potus with a conservative Congress and actually uses the powers that Obama has given the executive office. How would they react if the IRS turned the targeting on liberal groups when the time comes? Do we really want to go down this road? If the ideas of liberalism are really worthy and actually worked they could stand on their own merits.You mean to tell me they have to be forced? You mean to tell me that opposing views need to be silenced? If that’s the case maybe there’s something wrong with liberalism?

Wait till the shoe is on the other foot. Yep,it can happen.

My advice to liberals; wake up and smell the coffee people.

Maybe we should get our own vocabulary too.

homophobia, islamaphobia…if you disagree with a liberal pov you automatically have one of these invented phobias.

Let me tell something to you-they’re made up words for a non existent condition.

Ok,i did get out of the wrong side of bed today. I got up to a ‘drop attack’ after one pretty good day yesterday. We’re under a little stress re our home buying. I’m under other stress because i haven’t heard from my brother lately. I had the thought he’s upset with me again.

BTW. Stress does not cause a ‘drop attack.’ It’s just a coincidence. You can have a drop attack at any given time and the temptation is go to the ER. I won’t do that unless i absolutely have to.On the best of days a drop attack can get you.(Mennerie’s).

As for the home;it’s perfect for us but if it’s meant to be it will be. IF not,it won’t. As for my brother;nothing i can do. I honestly don’t understand why this ill will  goes on and on or it could be he’s very busy due to the time of year. Yes, it was my fault.Yes,i did something incredibly wrong and his being upset with me is perfectly justified. I can’t change it. I regret it but i can’t undo it.

Does it seem as if we’re all waking up to a battlefield every single day? I asked my hubbs what he thought would be a good blog topic sometime? He suggested i write about the high cost of goods these days,especially groceries. People are making choices between paying bills and buying food. He doesn’t look at the big issues of the day but he has a point that everyone is struggling with making ends meet.I may give his topic a few words later this week.For now, I would appreciate comments. How do YOU  deal with these kinds of disagreements? Do you engage? Avoid? Do you get angry or just agree to disagree? 

How do you deal with people who are so angry it does seem like they hate you? I know we pray for people we have problems with and we pray for ourselves because it may be us(and not them). How do you then go about carrying the burden?

For now folks i have to take off and head for the recliner(put head back). Need to get on my feet a tad,hope the vertigo settles down and work on the statue again.It’s almost done. Next week we’ll have the plaster to do the final steps. I will actually have it done before the month of May-the Month of Mary-ends and take it over to Mary  🙂  Very excited!!


sanctifies me


 I have to be reminded OFTEN.


“…for waging war with the demons..”


cropped-header Abbot Tryphon of All Merciful Saviour Orthodox Monastery on Vashon Island, Washington wrote this blog post today.  He always seems to speak to the heart of issues I have faced, or am facing. I hope you will take a moment to read these words of his.

He also has a podcast on Ancient Faith Radio (http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/morningoffering/anger5) called the Morning Offering, where you can hear the Abbot read his blog posts.  His website is: http://vashonmonks.com/wp/  I hope that when holidays and birthdays, or other days of gift giving roll around, you will consider their delicious offerings of “Monastery Blend Tea and Coffee” (the coffee is amazingly yummy), available from their website.  This is the link to the Abbot’s Blog: http://morningoffering.blogspot.com/, where you can read the blog post below.  I hope it speaks to you as much as it did to me.

In every way we must strive to restrain anger

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Re FFI; from the Ratzinger Forum

Hype and Hope for the FFI
Separating wheat from chaff in the current controversies surrounding the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

Pity the poor Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, persecuted by heartless bureaucrats who despise all things preconciliar! Weep for their Superior General, put under house arrest, his councilors banished to Earth’s remotest ends! Woe to the Vatican commissar, systematically demolishing the community, its charism, and its apostolic works!

Victimization by the authorities makes for gripping headlines. Since Capuchin Father Fidenzio Volpi was appointed in July 2013 as Apostolic Commissioner to govern the FFI temporarily, the Italian press has publicized a steady stream of serious accusations: the spokesman for the community had acted treacherously and exceeded his authority; severe penalties were imposed on the aged founder, Father Stefano Manelli, without due canonical process. French-, German-, and English-language traditional Catholic websites and blogs have spread the stories as proof positive that insidious forces in the Vatican Curia are dead-set on eradicating the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Curiously absent from all these accounts is any explanation grounded in fact of the actions taken by the Apostolic Commissioner in governing the FFI. Seemingly harsh decisions made by Father Volpi are reported, but not his own stated reasons for those decisions. Instead, every real or perceived slight, setback, inconvenience, or disciplinary measure is ascribed to hostility toward the traditional Latin Mass and those devoted to it.

The axiom “Audiatur et altera pars” applies here: “The other side deserves a hearing.” This article calls attention to some basic facts that have been overlooked in the media hype and summarizes Father Volpi’s written responses to a number of objections and accusations. The source material used is the Italian-language documentation—survey results, press releases, open letters, clarifications—posted at the order’s website, http://www.immacolata.com.
Read full article here: http://theratzingerforum.yuku.com/sreply/77861/People-in-the-News

EG 182: On Social Questions

Catholic Sensibility

Vasnetsov_Maria_MagdaleneEvangelii Gaudium 182-185 will cover “The Church’s teaching on social questions.” These sections serve as an introduction to Pope Francis’ approach to two issues he believes are particularly pressing in today’s world (the inclusion of the poor in society, peace and social dialogue). We’ll get to the first of those issues by next week.

It is right that social doctrine will develop and be discussed as new challenges emerge:

182. The Church’s teachings concerning contingent situations are subject to new and further developments and can be open to discussion, yet we cannot help but be concrete – without presuming to enter into details – lest the great social principles remain mere generalities which challenge no one. There is a need to draw practical conclusions, so that they “will have greater impact on the complexities of current situations”.[Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church 9]

All true…

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Let’s Get It Over With

Plan A:

Divide country in half. not sure which half has the better weather but we can look at that later.

Half the country gets Obama for Potus.

Legalize pot in those 25

Marriage and Divorce: A one stop shop. 50.00 gets you hitched,50.00 gets you divorced.

Have one big orgy at least once a month. #loveislove all manner of disordered attractions welcome

anyone gets pregnant;free abortions,no age limit,no limit on the trimester; basically abortion on demand

Single payer health care system.Nope ppl we are not obligated to participate. You wanted it-you got it.You’re on your own.

Now when STD’s are rampant and you have an outbreak of Aids at least you’ll have free health care. In a few yrs you’ll be broke.Again,not our problem.If the doctors decide to jump the divide and join the other 25 maybe some of the pot smoking uneducated people you have on your side will try to go to college. How about FREE college too? On your side of course.

 The military will be your big social experiment. Try different lifestyles and such there. We’ll take any volunteers from the military to our side.You can always hope they won’t jump ship. You can  draft.Be sure not to get any warmongers. Good luck if you’re ever attacked.

Education? Let’s see. State run. Indoctrinate to your hearts desire. We don’t care.

Having problems? Not to worry. Obama will get to the bottom of it.

All the Christians are welcome on our side. You keep the atheists,secular humanists and other pagans. We don’t want to force our religion on you. If the police aren’t smoking pot most of the time maybe they can keep up with the crime rate due to lack of respect for moral law.You know,as in thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill or covet what belongs to your neighbor.Maybe you won’t have any police. You decide.

it's all good