A federal judge just ruled that the Pennsylvania ban on so called same sex marriage is unconstitutional. I’ve read the Constitution.I’m not finding it and i know i haven’t missed much. Marriage is between one man/one woman for life. It is because this has been marriage for 1,000 of years I oppose a redefinition to something that cannot exist;evidently  that makes me a homophobe who suffers from homophobia. The problem with this term is that there is no such thing therefore there is no such word. The other problem is that because i accept the institution of marriage(one man-one woman)some people will say i either hate ‘gays’ or fear ‘gays’ or that I’m intolerant. Ok. I’m intolerant. Since when did it become a requirement to tolerate everything and anything?

I was also told to move to the Middle East where the religious beliefs are tied to the state.I take it what they are saying is that because i accept marriage that i support a theocracy. I don’t accept murder either. Maybe i support a theocracy?

PLS read  the Catechism of Catholic Church for a clear understanding of Catholic teaching on same sex attraction and marriage http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/p3s2c2a6.htm

Some questions;when the marriage license is drawn up what will it say? Husband and husband? Wife and Wife? Husband and “husband” or wife and “wife” or is it going to be a fill in the dotted line?

Do we throw the consummation of marriage out the window now?

An  unmarried couple comes to us and wants to rent a room. We say no because we believe living together in a sexual relationship outside of marriage is immoral.

A same sex ‘married’ couple comes to us and wants to rent a room.We say no because we don’t recognize their marriage and believe the relationship is immoral. So we’re discriminating?

We have to violate our conscience and be forced BY LAW into doing so?

Law would have forced us to accept slavery.Our conscience would not allow us to obey this law because it was immoral.

You mean to say in the 21st century we haven’t come along far enough to recognize that people cannot violate their conscience?

I’m with Pope Francis.If a person with the disordered attraction is trying to live a good Christian life who am i to judge?

I’m also with the Catholic Church in saying that a person with the disordered attraction(as stated in the Catechism)is called to live a chaste life and not engage in the immoral practice of homosexual relations.Pope Francis was not saying anything different. I do not hate people with the disorder. I don’t fear them-that’s utter nonsense. I am intolerant because there is no requirement to tolerate anything and everything especially when in good conscience i am not to tolerate an immoral behavior. 

I also want to know how a federal judge can overturn this ban? I also want to know how the judge arrived at the conclusion the ban was unconstitutional?
The Mormoms(LDS)and Muslims-one who used to practice polygamy and one that still does may as well stand up and ask for the right to marry several partners. What difference does it make? NAMBLA may as well stand up and say that their right to marriage is being violated.

I feel very angry that much is being shoved on the American people and we have very little(if any) say.I would call it the dictatorship of relativism.

Could anyone point out the Constitutional basis for the judge’s decision? I would like to see this.


right is right






Please sign the petition #freemeriam





I know there are a number of petitions being circulated. It can do no harm to sign ALL of them or at least one of them.

Your taking the minute it takes to sign these could make all the difference in the world. It is all we can do-so we MUST do.

It is your way of speaking out and adding your voice to the many.Silence helps no one. We could throw our hands up in the air and say there isn’t anything we can do-that  will not help either. Thank you for signing and PLS share with as many people as possible. Know it’s appreciated.We can HOPE.

Dies Domini 62: Sabbath Fulfilled

Catholic Sensibility

Christians do not keep the Jewish Sabbath. But the roots of the Torah are found in God’s liberating act of the Exodus. God cares for us, liberates and saves us. This suggests, invites, beckons a response on the part of those who claim to follow God

Saint John Paul describes it as a “duty.” And this is a good approach for us:

62. It is the duty of Christians therefore to remember that, although the practices of the Jewish Sabbath are gone, surpassed as they are by the “fulfilment” which Sunday brings, the underlying reasons for keeping “the Lord’s Day” holy — inscribed solemnly in the Ten Commandments — remain valid, though they need to be reinterpreted in the light of the theology and spirituality of Sunday: “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy, as the Lord your God commanded you. Six days you shall labor, and do all…

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Disgusted. Perfect Description

 I didn’t write a blog entry today because i just felt so disgusted with everything.

First of all a Fed judge overturned Pa’s ban on gay marriage. i  found out our new service provider is involved in porn. Husband wants to remain with these people because it’s the only service available. We need a phone-i get that. We have health problems.

I rec’d an email from my brother in which he replied to my inquiry re son. Said,”_________” is fine. That was the good news. I assumed the brevity of his comment was more to make a point.I do know i am blocked from my grand-daughters twitter account. I am not naive. At first i thought it MIGHT be because i was a stranger out of nowhere trying to contact her.I was grateful she had the good sense to block me.Then i considered it might be because she KNEW who i was. Whole different story. i shouldn’t be disgusted but i do feel that way.Angry? Of course not. Disgusted and fed up? Somewhat.It is,what it is.I do know they are safe. I do know grand daughter is doing well and graduating. She seems to be a very nice young lady. I can’t ask for more and should leave it at that.

Disgusted with husband’s impatience with life. He wants things to go a certain way and when they don’t,he gets  upset. He acts as if the world is crumbling around him. I can’t handle that. I know things are not in our hands and i’d like to leave it to God. It will work out one way or the other. I don’t understand people sometimes. How they can carry grudges so long. How they can get so upset over mundane matters and seem oblivious to the big ones.Throw in that I am very disgusted how i like to think i’m learning to be patient and frankly am probably seeing myself the way i would like to-and not the way I really am. Maybe i am like the blog;a work in progress? Someone trying to get the hang of discipline? Someone very aware of my own shortcomings but sometimes too willing to overlook them? 

Anyway,the week is dragging along but God has given me plenty to be thankful for. i can give up the disgust long enough to show some gratitude. I always cut myself slack…the hard part is to give other people the same slack. 

Didn’t write the final part to the entries on the Crusades. We were tied up today. I didn’t even get out the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and work on her. I  am not going to procrastinate beyond tomorrow. 

Really disgusted with the direction our country is headed and the person we have for President. God help us. I have the feeling He isn’t going to much longer.

Finally,the other blog is coming along.I like it. It’s called Post Scripts and it’s just short entries. Videos,quotes,links and images. It’s not meant be involved. It’s meant to be a quick glance and informative at the same time. I don’t have to put a lot of time into writing there and people don’t have to put a lot of time into reading there. I do like the concept.  🙂

What caught my eye first about the theme was the name,VERTIGO. My main symptom(menneire’s). The other reason I took the theme is because it did catch my eye and that’s what post scripts is supposed to do.

Soon i hope to be un-disgusted. We can’t let our feelings get the best of us,right? i   have a lot to be thankful for. BTW,i love what GK Chesterton had to say about gratitude. He observed that atheists can feel grateful but have no one to be grateful to. Good point  GK 🙂

Stop by POST SCRIPTS and let me know what you think,ok? If there’s something i could do to improve it ,would definitely like to know. 





“…ever this day be at my side…”

love that prayer 🙂


Archangel One of my favorite genres of literature is the paranormal. I know I’ve spoken of it before, but I do enjoy a good read.  I enjoy stories about fighting evil and having angelic assistance, or supernatural beings helping you.  The funny thing is that when you tell people this, they think you’re a little off.  But interestingly enough, angels and demons are very much a part of who we are, and the world in which we live.  We accept the Good News of Christ, and He warned us over and over about the “evil one” and there is more than one mention of angels in the Bible.  The Angel Gabriel came to Mary to announce that she would be the “God-bearer,” or “Mother of God,” the Theotokos.  She was uncertain but not fearful of the angel…just a little taken aback by his announcements to her and was more than puzzled…

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