Wishing All Well

Wishing All Well

I had no intentions of being up this late;but here we are. Our lawn has to be done first thing in the morning too,before the afternoon rain comes.If it doesn’t get done our grass will be a jungle. It’s supposed to storm on Wednesday too. So today is it! I got to visit Mary for a few minutes Monday. I ran over some of our fertilizer. Dad’s ‘secret’ formula. Have to run over some more tomorrow when I’m done here with our plants. If she’s home and doesn’t mind that is.
We sat on her front porch for a very few when ‘hubbs’ was trying to yell something at me. I’m deaf. The sun had gotten to Mary and me; it was a good time to roll out and let her get things done or rest. I have to work on her statue today(Tues) too since i didn’t spend a min on it Monday. Too tied up with other things,including the blogs.
The month feels like it’s dragging. I feel like I’m dragging. In a disgusted mood tonight.
Probably just need a good nights sleep to get over it.
I do hope your day went well and that your rest of week goes well too.Part III on the Crusades coming up. The FINAL entry on that topic.I hope to tie it all together and make some point with it.
Anyway,everyone stay safe,sleep well.Say a quick prayer before bed. Three Hail Mary’s? I hear they open the gates of heaven. 🙂 If not,they can’t take your further away.

I have to go to Dr with hubbs today too.I dread it. Nothing worse than seeing this doctor.Seriously. It doesn’t seem to get anywhere so I’ll put in the half hour and get BP taken at least.

“…is not acceptable to God.”


My heart is so full of love.  But once in awhile, it is also filled with pain.  Pain comes to us from so many sources.  We can feel pain because it belongs to us, or we can feel pain on behalf of people we see being wronged.  We all have a variety of relationships in our lives, from many different areas, and one of them occasionally causes pain.  And right now, I am experiencing pain and it has come from my spiritual family.  Which makes me especially saddened; the pain that much more acute. The pain is mine, but it is also on behalf of those I see as being wronged.

Abba Agathon2In all communities, there are always issues with communication.  Sometimes we just do not communicate properly, what our hearts are trying to express, and we create difficulties. I often run into problems with the written word.  Words on paper…

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Those Terrible Crusades Part II



from what i’ve read and the maps i’ve looked at today it seems there was a caliphate during the Crusades.

Professor Thomas F Madden addresses what he calls Crusader Propoganda.We’ve all heard the stories of the terrible Crusades at one tome or another from people who hear from other people how terrible they were-generally people who have no idea what the Crusades were even about. That said,Professor Madden sums it up:

Despite modern laments about medieval colonialism, the crusade’s real purpose was to turn back Muslim conquests and restore formerly Christian lands to Christian control. The entire history of the crusades is one of Western reaction to Muslim advances. The crusades were no more offensive than was the American invasion of Normandy. As it happened, the First Crusade was amazingly, almost miraculously, successful. The crusaders marched hundreds of miles deep into enemy territory and recaptured not only the lost cities of Nicaea and Antioch, but in 1099 Jerusalem itself. The Muslim response was a call for jihad…

Source, read full article here http://www.trans4mind.com/counterpoint/index-esoteric/madden.shtml


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