Christian Persecution

We know about the terrible kidnapping by Boko Haram of young girls in Nigeria. 

It wasn’t that long ago Boko Haram inflicted their evil designs on a school attended by boys.

Gunmen from the Islamist group Boko Haram stormed a boarding school in the north-east of the country, police and the military confirmed.

Police Commissioner Sanusi Rufai said the attack at the college in Buni Yadi saw some of the students’ bodies burned to ashes.

Boko Haram is fighting for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria. A similar attack in June left 22 students dead.

Violence is increasing focusing on civilians – more than 200 people were killed in two attacks last week, one in which militants razed a whole village and shot panicked residents as they tried to flee.


The persecution of Christians world wide can be followed here:

Egypt:  For the 13 million Christians in Egypt, the “Arab Spring” is turning into the “Arab Winter.” Since the Muslim brotherhood emerged victorious in the presidential election, they are under constant threat of physical violence and economic hardship.

In August 2012, for instance, 120 Coptic families fled from the village of Dahshur, south of Cairo, following a dispute between a Coptic tailor and his Muslim customer. The tailor’s house was burned to the ground and the customer severely injured. Muslims seeking revenge also burned down a church and drove Christians from their homes.

Bishop Kyrillos, the Coptic Catholic Bishop of Assuit, warned the new government, “The new constitution should be for all Egyptians not just one group.” He underscored the right of Christians to participate in the creation of a new Egypt.

Reacting to the threats of Muslim Brotherhood militias to Christians demonstrating against President Morsi’s proposed constitution, Father Rafik Greiche, spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Bishops, did not mince his words: “Whenever Islam becomes politicized it automatically turns into a fascist dictatorship. Then comes the impending threat that sharia in its most fundamental form will be introduced.”

Church officials fear that there will be a mass Christian exodus from Egypt because wording of sections of the constitution are open to fundamentalist interpretations that deny religious liberty.

Bosnia-Herzegovina:  Eighteen years after the end of the war in the Balkans, discrimination against Catholics is still rampant. Confiscated Church real estate has not been returned. Catholic parishes and homes are denied electricity. Priests are refused medical care despite a Vatican accord with Bosnia, which provides for it.

With more and more Saudi Arabian extremists immigrating to Bosnia and opening businesses, abuse of Catholics, particularly nuns wearing habits, has significantly increased. Sister Ivanka, Bosnian Provincial Superior of the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King, notes, “every day life is becoming increasingly difficult in general.” Nuns travel in pairs out of fear of abuse and they are turned away or harassed at local shops. At one bakery, according to Sister Ivanka, several sisters had this experience: “Although the loaves were in plain sight, the proprietor claimed he was out of bread. . . . He simply did not want to sell it to a Catholic nun.”

Cardinal Vinko Pulic, Archbishop of Sarajevo, reported last year to Aid to the Church in Need that, “the growing process of Islamization in Bosnia-Herzegovina is being funded by radicals in the Middle East.” In recent years, over seventy new mosques were built in Sarajevo with Saudi oil-dollars.

Tens of thousands of Catholics were killed during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and since then a majority has fled. Today, there are approximately 450,000 down from 835,000.

Albania:  Orthodox Christians represent 20 percent of Albania’s population and Catholics 10 percent. Young Imams trained in Turkey and Saudi Arabia increasingly threaten both. These scholars demand a “pure, strict Islam” and promote building only Islamic schools. That attitude, plus widespread corruption and unclear property rights, has halted construction of chapels, churches, rectories, and parochial schools.

Syria:  Christians throughout this war-torn nation are being targeted and driven from their homes. Bishop Antoine Audo, S.J. of Aleppo recounts that after religiously motivated violence in the Christian quarter of the City of Homs, which has been the home to one of Syria’s largest Christian populations, there “was a mass exodus of almost all of the faithful, more than 120,000.” He predicts that Christians will be targeted and driven away in Damascus and Aleppo as well: “The fear of Christians is particularly strong. We are a minority. Always we are threatened.”

Pakistan:  In January 2012, without warning, the Punjab government ordered bulldozers onto land owned by the Catholic diocese since 1887 and demolished a church, a girl’s school, and homes for the poor, elderly, and homeless.

The ordinary, Bishop Sebastian Shaw of Lahore, accused the government of a “very brutal act of injustice” and “carrying out a criminal act of land-grabbing.”

Dr. Paul Bhatti, brother of Pakistan’s assassinated Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, has called on the international community to help Christians there. Dr. Bhatti, like his martyred brother, is a Catholic and points out that new blasphemy laws, as well as growing intolerance and fanaticism, has led to an increase in arbitrary actions against many of the nation’s 1.2 million Catholics.

The near total silence internationally towards these situations across the Middle East is deeply disturbing and bodes ill for the future. The patriarch of the Syrian Catholic Church in Beirut, Ignatius Ephrem Joseph III, recently told Aid to the Church in Need:

Permit me to speak quite frankly. There’s a lot of hypocrisy in all this. For many [EU] governments it’s merely a matter of economic interests. They don’t really care about the fate of the Christians in the Middle East. Otherwise, they would advocate equality before the law and the observance of human rights for all, including in those countries where the so-called Arab Spring has not taken place. . . .This is not a matter of taking sides for or against Assad or some other potentate in the region. It’s a matter of equal rights for all. It’s a matter of the primacy of human rights and not the primacy of one religion. . . .I said it to the government in Paris and I’ll say it to you:  Fundamentalist Islam does not want a dialogue on equal terms in the long run. If the EU were serious about its human rights principles, they would openly take up the cause of the future of younger generations in the region.



Yet,until the recent kidnapping of young women in Nigeria you barely heard a word in the United States.Now it’s headline news,as it should be.Not the point. Christians are being persecuted around the world on a regular basis. Many in the Middle East-a people who have been there for centuries-are being driven out. Case in point, the Chaldean Catholics in Iraq. Why the silence? Simple:Christians are being attacked in the United States.Our secular culture doesn’t have the time of day for Christians. Militant atheism and secular humanism is inflicting our own culture. Another words, a lot of the media that could care less about what happens to Christians suddenly discovered the cruelty of Boko Haram and are speaking out.Why? They can jump on the bandwagon of defending women’s rights without having to admit that Christians are being persecuted. The Obama administration has not been shy about attacking the Catholic Church even  through legislation. 

Allow me to be blunt;Obama is no Christian. He’s no Muslim either people. He’s a secular humanist period. He believes the state is god and he’s  its messiah. It’s as simple as that. He’ll stand up for the so called rights of LGBT, try to integrate the same sex agenda through the military, silence Christian views and values and look the other way when it comes to abortion. He has no interest in women’s rights. Trust me,if a conservative woman is attacked he’s silent. It’s about SECULAR HUMANISM front and center.

We have another problem we can’t afford to ignore either. Our citizens are oblivious to the dangers of the religion of piece. I’ve seen enough graphic videos and pictures on the internet to know it’s not a benign religious group willing to live alongside people who do not share their pov.

We have an administration that doesn’t want to be bothered with foreign policy in general. You can’t party with Jay Z and Beyonce,play a zillion rounds of golf,run off to raise money with the rich and famous  and be involved in the problems of the day.Mr Obama is going to party his way out as it comes time for him to leave the White House.When unemployment was still at 8% his big issue was Sandra Fluke and free birth control.

I don’t want to be too judgmental of Muslims. I’m sure there are a number who have no interest in blowing up buildings,implementing Sharia law here or attacking ‘infidels’ (Christians).I would guess there are a handful,having been persecuted themselves in their own countries, that are dyed in the wool Americans who love their country. However,i would guess even some of the more peaceful Muslims support the radical groups and would just as soon Israel were wiped off the planet too.

The people i see that get the religion of piece are the ones who have left the religion of piece-especially the women who have had the courage to speak out against it.They know what it means to be treated worse than dogs under the pretense of a religion.

This is  Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali.



 She was once scheduled to speak at Brandais University when CAIR pitched a fit. She was pulled.Where were the people  who are always making those war on women accusations when it happened? SILENCE. They will always be silent UNLESS it fits into their agenda in some fashion. Hence,the silence re Ali and the shout re the Nigerian kidnapping. Hence the silence re the school boys and the shout re the girls. Hence the deafening silence re the persecution of Christians. God forbid you go after terrorists or put them in Gitmo.Christians? Expendable.


We ignore the history of the religion. You think it was spread peacefully? Think again.

They didn’t call up the Crusades for nothing.

We have a dangerous combination here; a country founded upon Christian principles that once valued those Christian principles succumbing to secular humanism and the rise of Christian persecution world wide. Who is going to stand up for them? It won’t be us. We’ve lost our way.The Obama administration doesn’t care.

It’s no skin off their teeth.

Anyone who can say God Bless Planned Parenthood after Kermit Gosnell was arrested  has a problem.

Just because they’re not bombing and shooting Christians in the  United States doesn’t mean Christians are not being attacked.

You know as well as i do we’re looked upon as nut jobs, radicals, intolerant bigots, flakes. How will you get people to stand up for Christians persecuted in other countries when there are people who would just as soon wipe out Christianity here?

Remember Obama’s words during the campaign? They-and he’s talking about US citizens-‘cling to their guns and religion.’



EG 176-177: The Social Dimension of Evangelization

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Vasnetsov_Maria_Magdalene In today’s post on Evangelii Gaudium  Pope Francis begins a conversation on “The Social Dimension of Evangelization” with the beginning of Chapter Four. This will be the longest chapter of the document.

176. To evangelize is to make the kingdom of God present in our world. Yet “any partial or fragmentary definition which attempts to render the reality of evangelization in all its richness, complexity and dynamism does so only at the risk of impoverishing it and even of distorting it”.[Evangelii Nuntiandi 17] I would now like to share my concerns about the social dimension of evangelization, precisely because if this dimension is not properly brought out, there is a constant risk of distorting the authentic and integral meaning of the mission of evangelization.

Our first topic is the “Communal and Societal Repercussions of the Kerygma.” The kerygma, you’ll remember, is the term for the broad proclamation of the Gospel.

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