Off The Beaten Track

Not going to be the topic i had planned on but we’ll get to the other topic later on tonight.

For now,have been reading several Twitter accounts and came across a gentleman that goes by the name Middle Class Warrior .If you want to follow Warrior his account is ‏@ZeitgeistGhost. Up to you.

He’s put up some interesting tweets and rather than respond to him in the 140 character twitter limit figured we’d  take it up here. The 140 character limit is too limited for what i wanted to say to him. He seems pretty decent. Worth the discussion.Yep,i am pro life. I always thought being otherwise and being a human being is counter-intuitive.

For another,i was where he is at now at one time;meaning the ideology or pov. Is he a progressive(if we must use labels)? Most likely. The person  he’s supporting is definitely a Progressive and makes no bones about it.

Let’s jump into some of the topics he brought up on Twitter.

He found it contradictory that pro life people support the death penalty.For one, not ALL pro life support the death penalty.Some do,some don’t. I support it in limited cases. There’s just no comparison between abortion and the death penalty.
For one, the unborn are not criminals. They’re innocent,period. They’ve committed no murders,rapes or heinous crimes. In most instances a criminal can be removed from society and the society is safe. There are some criminals who,if given the chance,would commit the same crimes (or worse)time and again. They are a danger and it’s altogether possible the only way society can remain safe is to give them the death penalty.  So i’m not exactly all gung ho about the death penalty but i’m not against it under all circumstances either. However,the real point is that there’s no comparison between the innocent unborn and the criminally guilty.

The stats speaks for themselves too.





The no of abortions in the US alone since abortion was legalized? Roughly 53 million. By 2014 they have to be higher.No matter how much they go down or  up the numbers are still astronomical. You’re talking about a whole generation,if not 2.  If the victims of abortion weren’t the unborn that no would be considered genocide.

I’ve heard all the progressive arguments to justify abortion. It’s women’s healthcare.I don’t see how killing an unborn baby can be healthcare and I AM a woman. I was pregnant at one time in my life. It was probably the healthiest i have ever been in my entire life.

Now if the baby were a tumor,organ or disease the argument that it’s healthcare would hold up.I’ve never had an abortion and there isn’t a clinic in sight here. I still get my mammograms and other tests related to both gender and age. If i wanted to get birth control there is nothing to stop me. I don’t use it …just sayin.There isn’t a single Planned Parenthood around here and not a woman in town has been declined her health care.

We’ve all heard the argument that it’s a woman’s choice and that conservatives are trying to take away a woman’s choice.

Nobody is trying to take away anyone’s choice. We make choices every waking moment of our day. We make many choices throughout our entire  life.Big decisions and little ones.Some are life changing. Choices have consequences and as we make them we live with the consequences. That’s life. I grew up at a time when abortion was illegal. It was rare. I’m not saying it never happened but i can say with absolute certainty we weren’t even close to 53 million. All legalizing abortion did was take the abortionists out of the back alley and put them in a ‘respectable’ clinic. It turned abortion into a lucrative business.

It made us a colder and more callous society-and IMHO denigrated women. I don’t hear people talking about adoption much  when they bring up the word choice.

Legalizing abortion was supposed to  make it rare. It’s rampant.People look at abortion as if you’re going to have a tooth removed.  Back when it was illegal it WAS rare. We don’t see abortion-it’s out of sight and out of mind-so it’s easy to accept.

Let’s be honest.Liberalism grabbed the language. They framed the debate. Liberals led the Sexual Revolution. They  became part of our culture,intelligentsia,academia,media etc. Unfortunately now they are part of our governance.It wasn’t about the value of human  life. It was about what they called freedom.I get it. I wanted that ‘freedom.’  Morality was considered outdated. The debate was framed as women being forced to stay  in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Marriage,  commitment  and family were painted as slavery. 

We confused freedom with license. Licentiousness is NOT  liberty. 

 Pope Paul VI saw what was coming with clarity. Don’t think so? Read Humanae Vitae and tell me where he was wrong about what lie ahead.

It took me years to wake up and smell the coffee. i finally saw the damage that going down this road could do. It’s easy to be a liberal crying for freedom when you buy the lies and wear the blinders.

It’s funny though. When Romney ran against Obama,Romney stuck with the economic issues. Obama  ran solely on the social issues.Again the progressives grabbed the language and framed the debate. Romney would take away our(meaning women)birth control.  It was a ‘war on women.’ People,i was not crazy about Romney at first. It took some convincing.He won me over as being a viable candidate and decent man. They(progressives) demonized him. It’s hard to win an election when the media is campaigning for the other person. Even harder when one candidate lies(Obama). There was no war on women. He wasn’t going to take away anyone’s birth control. He wasn’t a greedy rich guy beholden to a group of lobbyists(he used his own funds to finance his campaign). He showed me he was not a racist and on top of that the media took some of his words out of context and made him appear to be the usual ‘un-compassionate’ Republican. It was a shame. If he ran in 2016 I would vote for him again. I voted for Herman Cain in our primary but he was destroyed long before that by unproven accusations.

Anyway,Romney was a rich white man so anyone who would vote for him would have to be racist and hate women.

If you’re conservative then  you’re radical. If you’re a black conservative  you’re a sell out,an uncle tom and you hate black people.

Unfortunately you cannot explain to a liberal/progressive the ridiculousness of these accusations.

The utopian world of the progressive does not exist. It’s the very meaning of the word utopia. It is not going to exist because it’s not possible. It hardly matters to a progressive. Perception is everything.As long as you can be convinced that the economy is improving,that people’s lives are better and certain laws are beneficial it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. They’re winning against an imaginary oppressor & gaining rights the Constitution does not even mention. Decent people who just want to raise their families and live out the values they were brought up with are considered backward,stupid,puritanical and intolerant. I’ve been on both sides of this fence and having survived, after  having destroyed enough people, know exactly  how dangerous the Progressive agenda is. 

Eventually you have to wake up and figure out it’s not all about you.Once you get out of the mindset that it’s all about me and the pleasure bubble it’s amazing what you begin to see.





Time to close the peepers

Hope everyone had a good day. Sometimes i wish there were more hours in a day and have time for EVERYTHING i would like to get done. Had to watch some news,read Herman Cain’s 999, blog,tweet,read other blogs,answered the phone,some cleaning, put on coffee…answered the door. All the usual. We squeeze the blogging in most of the time. 

Read Kaiser’sWest,musings of a mom.Especially touched by her latest entry,’ to everything there is a season. ‘I am so glad that she and her family got to enjoy the grand  kids and great grand kids. It’s a privilege i honestly didn’t get to have and missed out on. The past 2 weeks were not the best either. We are now officially at our 21st wedding anniversary when i wasn’t so sure we would make it. It’s funny how 2 people can look at exactly the same situation and see it two completely different ways. We are also under a lot of stress as we are in the process of home buying when the banks are very reluctant to do home financing. The hoops one has to jump through are mind boggling.No excuse though.  We would have had the same argument even if we weren’t trying to buy the house. It’s over,done and did though.  I pray we will never have an argument on that scale again.Divorce is not a word in my vocabulary.

I am grateful,very grateful,i had the privilege of spending time with my parents before they both passed away. We put to rest a lot of ill feelings[.I was the primary cause of the ill will we had].I am sorry that much of it was spent with dad being ill but we were fortunate enough to have him at home the whole time. I’m sorry for missing mom’s funeral.I will not go into detail about the matter. Again,we are not going to engage in calumny and detraction. I made the choice. It was a poor choice, but can’t be undone. I have never been able to put mom’s death to rest in the manner i did with dad’s. I am not certain that attending her funeral would have changed the difficulties i had with her death either. Will never know.At least not in this life. 

I feel very good about how the grand kids turned out.I don’t have any recent photos of the grandson but i can say the grand-daughter is one beautiful lady and from what i’ve seen on Twitter, that’s both inside and out. Couldn’t ask for more. Am content with that.

Pray for their safety and the safety of all the people going through the fires in California. So far i’ve heard of only one death and as tragic as that is;thank God it’s no worse.

I can’t get over how hot it is out there. Here we are running the furnace (again).We had a 2 day heat spell, terrible thunderstorms(no tornadoes. Whew!),plenty of rain and then the cold weather set in again.Personally,like the chillier weather anyway. I just wish the husband didn’t get so cold he has to run the furnace. I would just as soon leave it off. 

Topic for Tomorrow? Like to touch on the persecution of Christians.Both HERE(yes,i said here)and abroad.

I would also like to touch on some of the Tweets in the Trish for Congress timeline. I’ll post some more screenshots. You don’t have to take my word for anything she says.You can see for yourself. I was a Democrat for years. I get where they’re coming from.Of course now they’re not the old time Democrats mom and dad knew. They’re progressives but they’ve been going that way for a long time. I will never return to the Democratic party. To this day remain Independent and GENERALLY vote Republican depending on the candidate. Mom and dad would sometimes cross over too. They didn’t always vote a party ticket. If the candidate was good enough they didn’t care what party he/she belonged to. Dad always said, “if it’s good for the country,it’s good for the party.”  He also used to say that” a President is not the President of the party,but the President of the country.” Someone should explain this to Obama.

Tomorrow peeps,God willing.Stay safe,take care, you’re always in my prayers.



 POST SCRIPT: yes, i know the peepers are those tree frogs that talk back and forth when it’s warm and humid out or the rain is on its way. Peepers are also eyes; as in the song,jeepers,creepers, where’d you get those peepers?Jeepers,creepers,where’d you get those eyes? Yes, am old enough to remember that song.



“To everything there is a season…”

finally catching up some.


Blessed Seraphim I was reminded again this week of the fact that life passes away.  We lost an old friend of ours and at the Divine Liturgy last night, we all prayed for the repose of his soul. And I found myself weeping…just weeping over the loss of a friend, yes, but the loss for his wife and children, and grandchildren.  They will never have him again in their life.  And it overwhelmed me.

Earlier in the day I was working on arranging for my mom to come and visit us. It is a 5-hour plane ride (non-stop, thank goodness) and I have to plan far in advance, to be sure all the arrangements are made, because my mom has Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  She gets confused very easily, and being in an airport will overwhelm her.  My step-sister, who has become my friend over the past few years, lives very near my…

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Mississippi->voting for this woman?

 I have to believe the folks of Mississippi have more sense…counting on that. For those that aren’t familiar with Trish 4 Congress here’s the Progressive’s(by her own admission;not my words)Twitter account so far. I selected her gems w/ a few from her supporters. 








I’ve learned that if you criticize Obama you are a racist. If you watch Fox news  you are brainwashed. ALL war is evil and anyone who would vote Republican is a nut job. Will post more screen shots tomorrow. PLS share this with people who may not use Twitter so people will know what they’re getting here.

GET OUT THE VOTE. The Progressives are bound and determined to grab the state of Mississippi and support Obama and his policies.My guess is the good people of Mississippi have had enough of Obama and his policies just like the rest of us. 

35,000 plate