Wotta Month!

ImageHope everyone was well this month. Spent more time off,than on,here. Feels good to be back 🙂

I have other blogs to catch up on too.Takes time to read. There will be some that get re-blogged of course. 

It’s been quite the month.Now I’m worried about family in San Marcos. I emailed my brother in the hopes he will actually give me some info.Sorry.but not holding my breathe.

Started reading Herman Cain’s Army of David’s.It’s a signed copy-thought the world of the man-and seemed like every time i went to pick it up and read life got in the way.

The statue is coming along nicely. Almost done.I just have to get a small bag of plaster in the near future.Do the repairs (there’s a lot of dings)and finish painting. i’ve been doing the ‘touch ups’ this week. I have to let it dry over night and continue on the day after.

The worst news this month is the terrible argument between husband and me. Our 21st anniversary is tomorrow(Sat)and i was fairly certain a little over a week ago we were not going to make it. The dust has settled. I went to confession.I rediscovered every nasty word in the book. The only one i did  not fall to was taking the Lord’s name in vain but other than that i used every profanity on planet earth. Yep,that angry. I told the other injured party sorry but the hurtful words were already out there. You can’t take them back once they’re out there but you can apologize for saying them. It’s a long story and rather than get into detraction  and calumny we will skip it.

I just hope it never happens again.Enough said. I have been watching the news about the missing girls in Nigeria as well. Let’s not forget they also burned alive some male school children. They’re animals. Anyone who can senselessly kill other human beings and kidnap young women can’t be a human being.I thought the uncivilized and barbaric had vanished centuries ago. I guess not.All over the world these animals do brutal acts. It’s about control and power. I think it’s a grouping of people who are sociopaths. (Birds of a feather flock together). They would have to be. I don’t understand how people can kill in the name of God. If God wanted to do something like this He doesn’t need anyone’s help. Our hearts don’t beat without His willing it. They’re taking it upon themselves.


We have a document in our country that is the law of the land. It’s called the US Constitution.Sharia law and the US Constitution are incompatible.Feel free to practice Sharia. I don’t have a problem with what you choose but it doesn’t belong here. There are plenty of state nations that will accept it. I am also disgusted that one of our soldiers is in a prison in Mexico. Mexican illegals come to our country on a regular basis. One of our citizens who SERVED our country in the military is sitting in a Mexican jail. Not the first time it’s happened.

Good thing we don’t treat illegals they way Mexico does. They have no problem enforcing their immigration laws. Get caught down there illegally and see what happens. Me thinks the border of Ca is too close for comfort. Better markers? Keep a safe distance? 

What else is going on in the world? Our country is going to pot but the elections are coming up this year. i keep hoping people will have the brains and guts to vote out the Dems,get RID of the IRS totally and turn over some government functions to the private sector.

Makes sense-believe me they won’t do it. [We have to insist people.]

Bout it for the gloomy world of news. When the statue is  finished I’ll get a photo and post it. I’m very happy with this one. I can’t wait to give it my neighbor Mary. Met another neighbor-Al. I have to write about Al and his image of St Anthony this weekend. 




We dropped our previous isp. The bill went through the roof …they cut our service 2x and that was the last straw. We are now with a far more reasonable service and the speed is almost as good…if not,just as good.I’ll know when my husband decides to game or download large files. I’m pleased at least.For half the price we went with Verizon and these people went out of their way to make sure our equipment was working correctly.They actually sent a technician to replace a line. This is the first day back on after a very long hiatus. The speed works for me 🙂
Definitely missed blogging.

Am concerned about the San Marcos fires. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the reports. Fox news and the Weather Channel are the best reports. I wonder if my own son’s family is among the evacuated. They may lose their home but material goods can always be replaced. I worry for their lives more.The fire is so bad it has created its own weather system.That makes the fire particularly dangerous.

The images i saw from her Twitter account shows me how incredibly close the fires are to their home. Since it may have been days ago it’s possible they are among the people forced to leave.

I’ll be back in a few minutes to begin a topic but i had drop in, long enough to explain the leave of absence and see how the connection works.I hope everyone has been well and safe.