Reblog ..not doing something right

I thought i  had reblogged a number of really good articles. Well,they’re not here. I haven’t been back here this week either and at the moment have not considered a topic. There are some personal issues in my own life am dealing with at the moment. I don’t think they will be resolved in one day. It’s a bigger problem than i intended on having and it seems to have snowballed very quickly. I have to get the matter taken care of as soon as possible and get my life back again. Nothing has been normal here. It’s definitely taken away my peace and upset the house. I apologize and  hope to be back soon.I also hope to at least get these great articles reblogged. Will give it a try again tomorrow. Go a different route and then see if it works.

For now,i hope everyone is well. Could use some prayers. I don’t think this problem is going to have a happy ending.If not,then i have to accept. For now,God bless all of you.Need to get some sleep over here.One really good thing happened today though. i finally managed to get across the street and meet my new friend,Mary. She is a sweetheart. She had her rosary in her pocket. 🙂  I knew then and there that this is a good woman to have for a friend. She’s the age my mother was when she passed.. I’ve mentioned Mary several times  here. Talked to her on the phone a few times. Wave at her from the front porch.First time we actually met in person. 

worries light