NTEXT: Remember that the nuns were trying to spin what the US bishops and the CDF were, and are, doing as payback for their support for ObamaCare.  The nuns were trying to make this political.  Now we see the true issue: Faith.  Faith in Jesus, Son of God, who saved us from our sins!  The Jesus who founded the Church as the means of salvation for all! Some of you have been waiting for me to admit, “for all”.  There it is.

The nuns, however, seem not even to know what they don’t know.


How The Left Will Spin Benghazi

The Camp Of The Saints

I think regular Protein Wisdom commentator GeoffB will be shown to be a prophet:

I believe that the spin from the WH on Benghazi will go down the path that what he was told about it up until 7:30 pm Washington time (1:30 am Benghazi) led him to believe that it was not a problem that required his attention. That it had been sorted out at a lower level. And that by the time he found out that it hadn’t that it was too late to do anything about the ambassador. The link explains.

This will work in conjunction with what all the Democrats are saying about it all over the news and the web though they are not spelling it out just yet. Somewhere lower down a head will roll. Likely whoever sent the email alerts at 4:05 pm and especially 4;54 pm.

He adds this note a…

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