and don’t forget Mass!

ImageMorning friends. have a wonderful Sunday.Make it a family day and don’t forget Mass.If you’re a shut in catch EWTN’s Daily Mass at noon!

EWTN Channel Finder

If you don’t get EWTN on cable you can watch a live stream of the Mass on their website.Just check the tabs in their menu.

Time for me to grab some coffee,put on a fresh pot and start getting ready for 11:00 Mass.I have to see how my husband is doing about 9:30-10:00 and make sure he’s well enough to go 

Aide will be here at 10:00. Leaves at 3:00. I’ll be spending part of the day painting but when I’m finished with that will get back here.

I tried to reblog pumabydesign’s blog of Judge Piro’s Opening Statement.It didn’t go.Not sure why? Will check on that too and see if we can’t get it over here. If you didn’t see her opening statement on Fox last night you have to see it here.

God willing,back later. God bless all of you.If  the statue gets done this week(hopefully today)will post a photo.

sunday morning coffee


FREE  books and other materials. They do accept donations but not required.They sent me 2 copies of Consecration to Jesus through Mary Following the Plan of Louis de Montfort, a schedule of all the feast days and a lovely Marian bookmark. It took a few weeks but it was worth the wait! Terrific book. Simple. Soft cover.HIGHLY recommend! designed especially for Facebook but they also work well on blogs and other websites. all things Catholic.

free printable blog planner for everyone. You couldn’t get better free. Relied on this software for years. 

Two great alternative browsers. OPERA and AVANT

eset online scanner. Will find viruses other programs don’t. Takes some time though. Patience required but it’s caught a lot of viruses other software missed. Run the online scanner. The other download is only a  free TRIAL. free and cream of the crop. Correct computer errors. And yes it does. It’s not find then buy. Find and fix.FREE.

Simple forum. Easily embeddable(btw it works great with blogger)

Create a stunning website for free(most of the themes are free,some have a charge),customizable.

Anyone else taught this poem as a child?

lovely lady


Lovely Lady dressed in blue, teach me how to pray
God was just your little boy tell me what to say.

Did you lift him up sometimes, gently on your knee?
Did you sing to him the way mother does to me?

Did you hold his hand at night, and did you ever try
telling him stories of the world, oh, and did he cry?

Do you really think he cares if I tell him things?
Little things that happen and do the angels wings make a noise
Can he hear me if I speak low, does he understand me now
Tell me for you know.

Lovely lady dressed in blue teach me how to pray
God was just your little boy and you know the way.

(Written by Mary Dixon Thayer)

blue rose

Pick a topic Sat. The Rasberry Palace Debate Plate

what would you like to see for a topic?

1 feminism as understood by Catholic women-or as Saint John Paul II put it ‘the feminine genius.’

2. Catholic teaching on social justice-subsidiarity as a neglected part of the teaching.Is it(social justice) misunderstood by some?

3. The Obama administration attack on the Catholic Church. How can Catholics support any candidate that attacks Catholic teaching?

4. Is it Islam vs the United States or is Islam heading towards a conflict with Christianity?

5. anti Catholicism.Have you bumped into it and how do you handle it? Or do you just ignore it?

6. The New Evangelization. in practical terms how does it relate to you? What do you think it means? Are we being effective? What can we do? 

7. Do you think Pope Emeritus Benedict and Saint John Paul will be named Doctors of the Church? Why and why not?

anthony of the desert

L8R Gator

Seems like my notes are 3x longer than the blog entries i end up posting.Less is more? Besides once the notes are written i can take a look at them and remind myself, once  it’s posted it’s out there. It’s like a letter.You write it,mail it and send it- you can’t take it back.

I take that very seriously because words can hurt. Lesson learned a long time ago.I know it was a long time ago because i think my son was probably 7, maybe 8 y r old, at the time it happened. Just a guess.

Someone my parents knew and cared for got angry with them. She said some nasty things to my parents over the phone and they were quite taken aback. I was angry about her doing that and came to my parents defense. I wrote her a letter and mailed it.Then i told my mother. She insisted i get it back[if i could] and not to say another word. She explained to me that sometimes the person drank and it could have been the alcohol talking.I had already mailed the letter and had to contact the post office. Fortunately it hadn’t gone out yet and they returned it to me.I ripped it up. It’s not that my parents were’t hurt but they understood the other person had problems and it wasn’t worth the dust up.I learned to wait a tad,cool down,think carefully  THEN write.Mom knew what she was talking about.

Now when it comes to the Obama administration it’s another story. I will never mince words. No,it’s not because of his race. You can justifiably criticize a President-any President-without being racist.Sometimes i wonder if the Progressive Party(the Dem party no longer exists)didn’t deliberately nominate Obama so they could make that charge.I know i was called a racist  by his supporters when i said i was not going to vote for him.Every time someone legitimately criticizes him and his admin they are accused of being racist either directly or by implication. Not everyone in the Obama administration is black so i’m not sure how that flies. Anyway,I am not going to mince words when it comes to the Obama admin. I don’t care what i’m called.

Most people are smart enough to figure out when someone is truly racist. At least i hope so because the word is getting thrown around an awful lot these days.

I don’t give a whit what party a candidate is,what race or gender;if they’re corrupt I’m not going to close my eyes and I’m definitely not going to mince words.

Tomorrow,after Mass, i want to get back to painting the statue of the Blessed Virgin.I gave up for awhile. I really should stop putting it off and get it finished.It’s been a combination of things that have kept me from working on  it.Time to get back to it and time to work on it in earnest. Even if i have to take a few min out now and then.

May not roll back this way till Monday.We’ll see how it goes. Meantime check out some of the links in the menu. Great sites.Till i get back (and you do as well) L8R Gator and God Bless!

sweet pink dreams