It’s been a very tiring day. The subject of politics is enough to wear anyone out. Fr Martin Fox has given me a lot to think about.Consider.I will. There’s some questions to wrestle with. On the other hand I am clear about not voting Democrat in Nov or 2016. Very clear. Next, I met a person on Twitter who brought up the scandals in the Catholic Church.She dropped an F bomb on me. She called Pope Emeritus Benedict, ‘Ratzinger'(with emphasis on the ratz)and accused Catholics of worshiping idols. She also asked me to un-follow after i’ve followed her for a very long time.I had no idea an attack was coming. We seemed to be on the same page. I’m still replying to the person. I doubt it will do any good. I know where person is  getting their anti Catholic material from.I’ve seen it before.  You see this stuff a dozen times. She’s being spoon fed. That wore me out.

I  have been sending tweets to my grand daughter and shock-i am being ignored. Not sure it’s intentional. She is a terrific young lady. Can’t imagine what is going on.I will still send them[tweets] until i get word to stop. Our landlord stopped by today too and seems to be pressuring us to do things faster than we are. In fact he said he was going to raise the rent in June.i have the agreement.  It’s legal and binding and he can’t raise it a cent until Sept 1st. The lease agreement is good until Aug 31st.I understand his wanting to get the process moving. Believe me,we want to get it wrapped up as quickly as he does but a seller only has 1 hoop to jump through(SELL). A buyer has a zillion.It’s insane.Now i know why all these homes are sitting and nobody’s buying. It’s impossible.There’s too many hoops and I wonder if it’s worth the garbage you have to go through to do it. I can imagine someone getting frustrated half way through the process and just deciding it’s not worth it.Now if you’re a person who has that kind of money up front,no problem.How many people are in that position?  Not too many.

Husband did some shopping for necessities today and the price of goods is just outrageous. I don’t know how anyone these days can make ends meet. It’s ridiculous. Everything about our country has become ridiculous. What is most ridiculous is  that anyone voted for Obama in the first place. Don’t people think anymore?

One bright note for the day. It’s First Friday. My aunt came over-she’s a Eucharistic Minister-and gave us communion.

So in all the weariness of the day it started off bright. Somewhat dizzy too. I was sure i was going to spin into a drop attack this evening.Didn’t…thankfully.

I will be glad when our answer comes about the house. When we’re either heading for the closing or we’re not. One or the other.Better to know.

I am looking forward to having husband’s son  up for his visit.

Finally,i hope for the best for our country but i wonder that we’re not so far gone we will ever come back. I don’t mean  just economically.We’ve lost our moral compass. We’ve lost our way. The Democrats/liberals are just plain nasty. Sorry,I know.I’ve seen what they can do and have done.When their convention booed the mention of God people should have known.Sometimes political topics are just too ugly but we have to stay informed and be aware of what is going on.

One weary person is going to take another day to consider a topic.Meanwhile,there are some great re-blogged articles I hope you take the time to read.Here’s a little something else too. FREE. Used it for years.It’s the last thing i do on the computer before i shut down every single night. Keeps er clean. It’s amazing the spyware[that] a computer picks up on the internet, in a very short period too. Every night peeps. http://superantispyware.com/