Buying a home or how to go insane in short order

a seller only has to do one thing,sell.The buyer has to get financing(good luck),down payment, credit repair(if necessary),provide a slew of documents(proving beyond a shadow of a doubt you are who you say you are),sign a bunch of papers(i’ll assume both do),

have an inspection,hope it passes. On and on.
Then we heard from the seller here it can take up to 3 months, after all that’s done, to get to the closing.
You could be in a nursing home by then.
Just sayin. It’s why it’s called jumping through hoops.Who came up with these ideas? There must have been a time when buying a home in America was a lot simpler.It surely isn’t now.


I inadvertently, so to speak, came across 3 things today.

First,my hubbs gave me a topic for the day without intending to.

Next,our little daschund, Cocoa Puff was dragging a package across the floor.I might have missed it-for awhile anyway-if i hadn’t seen the culprit running around with the goods. I thought my husband had ordered something because i thought i hadn’t. The name on the package was mine. After i grabbed it from mr thief and read the name-opened it puzzled as to what could possibly have come for me. I forgot i had ordered Consecration to Jesus through Mary.Two copies. One for me and as far as i can recall for my husband. 

Last, but not least, for some inexplicable reason my browser kept goofing up. I kept getting security messages,my blog wouldn’t open correctly or my live account. I was planning to take it out anyway and having postponed it; decided now was the time.i  cleaned the computer and the other 2 browsers were working correctly;it couldn’t have been computer. Out with Mozilla’s Firefox today. Yes,because of the CEO.Now as i started having problems realized today was the day. I think the browser MIGHT have been hijacked. A good thing. Now i am rid of it which i had intended to do in the first place. I’m now using Opera,which i always use anyway.IE as a secondary and Avant as a third. Avant and Opera are the better of the 3…it’s pretty close to a tie with Avant and Opera. I do like Opera a tad better. If i had to narrow it down to one,it would probably be Opera.We’ll see after some use.However,it can stay.I have always used 3 browsers,not necessarily simultaneously every time.

The only issue i’m having with all 3 is that the PressThis tool works in NONE of them but i could add it to Avant Bookmarks and for that reason alone Avant stays.Now it did work on Firefox.Not sure why it won’t work on the other 2 unless it’s the operator.

Now for the topic ‘hubbs’ handed to me. He was in pain last night. Nothing calmed it down. He was also under some stress and that didn’t help. He said things he didn’t mean. I said things i didn’t mean in return. We got up this morning and apologized to each other.

A reason is not an excuse. He had reason to be miserable but it wasn’t an excuse to pick an argument. Understandable though so we accepted each others apology and started off with a good day 🙂

Like all people we sometimes play those tapes and sometimes we keep playing them. There comes a point to erase them, if you want to use the old fashioned way- or delete, if you want to be more contemporary. Ok,erase takes longer and delete takes all of 2 seconds.

We said our I’m sorry’s to each other and got off to a good day. He explained what he was going through which i kind of surmised anyway.

It didn’t excuse him but it helped heal my own hurt feelings knowing he DIDN’T mean it.  I was wrong for biting back when i should have walked off.

Loved the start to a new day though. We will know better the next time.

I can empathize with the other side but more often than not i see my own side with clarity and the other side with fuzzy vision.

That’s where deleting the old tapes comes in handy but it’s not easy.Maybe the best people can do is become aware they have the tapes,acknowledge them, then  realize there’s nothing we can do to change them.That’s when it’s time to start a new tape.





A Message for Russia (and the World) | National Review Online

On the forthcoming presidential election

The May 25 election is “crucial.” As the archbishop put it, this could be and should be “the most free and open election” in Ukraine’s post–Cold War history as an independent state. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, he said, was urging its people to participate fully in the preelection debate, and to “vote with care” for a “unifying figure” around whom the entire country can rally in the face of Russian aggression, Western dithering, and local agitations and fears.

via A Message for Russia (and the World) | National Review Online.


The sun is up and so are we :)

ImageOur aide is coming in Sunday so we can go to Mass. I’ll have a little more time today than usual after i get a few things done.Also once i see how much help the hubbs needs today.Our going to Mass will depend on how either one of us is doing  Sunday too-having a ride is one thing. I never know from one day to the next how either one of us is going to be doing.Health and transportation.Our 2 big issues.There’s days i just end up in bed either most of the day or on and off. Sometimes my husband is in so much pain he can’t tolerate anything. Then there’s days we’re doing very well. It’s why he has an aide to begin with. These agencies here are terrific. They can keep people from going into a nursing home. They were super with my mom and dad. We couldn’t have taken care of dad without their help. It was an all hands on deck situation and dad stayed home till the day he died. That’s what he wanted. That’s what we wanted.A nursing home wasn’t even a consideration.

I’ve got a lot of Fr Z’s blog entries to catch up on. Stuck on one from a few days ago. There’s at least 4 i’d like to read and decide what to reblog.

I’m also going to write an open letter to my anti Catholic friend on Twitter. I followed her for a reason and can’t believe she attacked the Catholic Church the way she did. I can believe someone would attack the Church.No shock there. That she did after I followed her floored me. I follow people who put out good tweets or who identify themselves either directly, or in some way, that they are Christian,Catholic or Conservative. The 3 C’s automatically get a follow. So i was shocked when she suddenly turned. Twitter only permits 140 characters and with everything she brought up there is no way on earth i can address her in 140 characters even if i send her a doz tweets.It will definitely be one of the topics for the day.

It’s going to be a rough week on the homefront.We paid bills and we bought necessities. We’re trying to repair our credit. Our bills out paced our income at our other place.Now we have to play catch up in a few months to buy this house. It’s become home to us.I honestly don’t know where else we COULD go either and we definitely do not want to pack up and move again. The price of goods is incredible. I don’t know how anyone can make ends meet. We have a few months to get the job done though and the time limit is killing us. I know we can do it but on pins and needles. Every penny matters. It’s the playing catch up that’s hurting. We’re working with a company called CURE MY SCORE. Highly recommend. We checked other credit repair companies and one wanted 700.00 up front and that was before they even started the repair. That 700.00 has no guarantee they will do it either and there’s no refund policy if they don’t. We were recommended Cure My Score by the realtor and trust his judgement. We weren’t disappointed. They have a great team,great process and great price. They charge a REASONABLE up front fee(for the work they have to do)but they don’t charge unless an account is removed. The fee for each account deleted is minimal.They’re easy to contact and work closely with you and the financial institution. I know with their help we can get this done by Aug 31st. The deadline on our lease.

Just go to

Good people.

Will catch up here later on this afternoon,depending on how either one of us are doing and what little bit i need to get done,is done.God willing. Have a great day yourselves and enjoy the weekend!


Dies Domini 41: Relationship and Jewish Roots

Catholic Sensibility

Let’s finish up Pope John Paul II’s look at the Liturgy of the Word:

41. It should also be borne in mind that the liturgical proclamation of the word of God, especially in the Eucharistic assembly, is not so much a time for meditation and catechesis as a dialogue between God and his People, a dialogue in which the wonders of salvation are proclaimed and the demands of the Covenant are continually restated.

This dialogue presumes a relationship.

On their part, the People of God are drawn to respond to this dialogue of love by giving thanks and praise, also by demonstrating their fidelity to the task of continual “conversion”.

Continuing conversion is a hallmark of the baptized believer. Sunday presumes baptism. Each Sunday is an Easter, so the connection is inherent in the liturgy:

The Sunday assembly commits us therefore to an inner renewal of our baptismal promises, which…

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Patriarch of UGCC to Russian Church

Byzantium on Brew

3644_494656030589984_59454774_n“The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is not an enemy of the Russian Orthodox Church. We are your brothers; we have been born from the same spiritual womb. From the holy city of Kiev, where our peoples were baptized, we are sending you a message of peace. Do not let politicians provoke hatred and bloodshed among us.”

Patriarch Sviatoslav in an article written by George Weigel. The Patriarch also said to the Russian people:

“We in Ukraine wish to be good neighbors. Do not attack us. We are not your enemies, and we have no aggressive intentions.”

Sure sounds like the Greek Catholics are waging “a crusade against Orthodoxy,” right Metropolitan Hilarion?

Read the rest of the excellent article by Mr. Weigle here.

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