To Love and Truth

Christ "The Light of the World" Paris Bordone Wikiemedia Commons Christ “The Light of the World”
Paris Bordone
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Darkness is our preference. Through our concupiscence, this is how we begin and what we continually struggle against, the allurements of the flesh, the seduction of pride. We naturally favor “darkness to light” (John 3:19).

But, we were not made for darkness. We were made for light. We are continually being called from darkness to light.   The dark allurements of the flesh, the seductive nature of pride can be conquered.

The snares of the world, the imperfections of our being are clearly seen in the presence of light. In light, the snares of the world can be seen and avoided by devout attention. When exposed in light, the imperfections of our being can be corrected by a turning our heart from darkness to the light of the Lord.

A heart dwelling in the light of Lord can attain perfection through…

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