An Open Letter To Neil Cavuto

seems like every day i’m writing one of these but i never thought i’d get worked up over the comments by Mr Cavuto. Here we go because of the coverage of Pope Francis on 5/1/2014.

What we have here  is a lack of understanding.

First of all,the Pope cannot change Church doctrine/dogma. Not happening.He not only won’t…he can’t.

Archaic? No,Mr Cavuto. Not archaic. The word is ETERNAL. Morality doesn’t change. If it was wrong to murder a human being  500 yr ago, it is still wrong to murder a person today. If it was wrong to rob a person 200 yr ago,it is STILL wrong to rob a person today.Nothing new under the sun. Sin is sin.You can go to hell for the same reasons today as you could when Jesus walked the earth.Byzantine? That’s an Eastern rite Catholic Church. 

The Byzantine Rite is the largest of the Eastern Rites in the Catholic  Church. The Byzantine liturgy is based on liturgy developed by St. James for the Antiochian church, but modified by St. Basil (329-379) and St. John Chrysostom (344-407).

and then there is the Greek Byzantine Catholic Church

The Catechism lists seven rites. These rites so listed: Latin(or Western;what most people call Roman), Byzantine, Alexandrian, Syriac, Armenian, Maronite, and Chaldean

Second,you cannot have  same sex  marriage.You would have to change the definition of marriage and once you do that it has no meaning at all.

Third,the report on this supposed phone call to a divorced woman in Argentina was never confirmed. It made the rounds on social media but the sources were questionable at best. Did the Pope speak about the phone call? Nope. If he did, were the contents of that phone call disclosed? Nope. So even if there were a phone call (we’re not even sure about that)the supposed clearance he gave her was never substantiated by checking with the Pope.You know-from the horses mouth.I think it’s either false or misconstrued. Sorry. The Pope would never say what they quoted him as saying.

Fourth,there is no such thing as a conservative or liberal Catholic. Those are political terms. The Church is not a democracy.

cathoilcs and not catholicFifth,when the media covers these stories i wish they would do some background work first. They don’t seem to know a thing about the Catholic Church. I hate to say that but it’s true. Grab a Catechism,look into Church history,read some of the encyclicals. BTW, Saint Pope John Paul II,Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI and our current Pope Francis all come to the Papacy from different cultural experiences. They have different personalities(they’re not clones). They each have their own weaknesses and their own strengths (God gives them grace to get the job done no matter what their weaknesses are). The one thing they ALL have in common though is being Catholic and in that sense their experiences are the same. Don’t look at the Papacy and the Pope through the lens of the media. Look at the Papacy,the Pope and the Church through the lens of history and doctrine.  When you look at it through the lens of the media  you’re going to get it wrong every time. For one they don’t have the depth of understanding that is necessary to present an accurate,objective view. Pope Francis can have personal opinion on a lot of matters,except DOCTRINE. Doctrine is NOT  a matter of opinion.He cannot teach re matters of faith and morals based on opinion. Doctrine is not determined by popular vote either.The segment on Pope Francis was terrible. There wasn’t enough time in the segment to really delve into the topic matter. It’s exactly  why background would be helpful.





Open Letter To Democrats,Liberals and Progressives

I will give credit to Kirsten Powers(is it Kirsten or Kristen? I keep getting it confused. Apologies) for her honesty. One of the few who haven’t fallen into the spell.

That said (and we’ll quit the snarkiness here) we have a problem. It’s called COVER UP,DISHONESTY,A MEDIA TURNING A BLIND EYE,a government that is corrupt.We have a public that is not being informed. They’re simply being fed lies. Unless and until the media wakes up and does its job it’s called State Run Media.Do you really want to go there?

Not good. There may be some Democrats,liberals and others who will defend the Admin no matter what it does. That’s fine when it’s your guy. Take into consideration that the next Potus could be a Republican and once the precedent is set there is  no reason that Rep President couldn’t do exactly what the Obama administration has been doing.What happens when the gov’t becomes corrupt PERIOD,no matter which party it is in power?

Are you willing to look the other way?

K.T.McFarland got it exactly right.

If it turns out that Benghazi and the cover-up were just a series of junior level mistakes, that is the end of it. But if it turns out the administration was using the military and intelligence communities for political purposes prior to the attack, during the attack and in a subsequent cover-up, it must be held accountable. Because once the precedent is set, future administrations will feel no reluctance to do the same.


Bill O Reilly nailed it on the The Factor last night in his talking points memo.IF you haven’t heard it,I’ll see if i can locate it.

Benghazi is very serious. An Ambassador was murdered. In fact,Obama’s OWN ambassador was murdered.

There are other serious issues short of people being murdered. The IRS scandal.What happens if it’s a Republican President and that POTUS decides that liberal/Democratic groups need to be targeted. Look the other way?

What about Fast and Furious where an American did lose his life? Again,phoney?

We never got answers to that one either and like all the other scandals at this WH it got covered up and whisked away until so much time passed that everyone seemed to forget it. The news is rapid fire. Stories change quickly.One headline replaces another. All the WH has to do is wait until a news cycle passes and if a story gets buried long enough it’s quickly forgotten.Or at least they hope so.

Fast and Furious went that route.

The President wouldn’t lie to get elected? How about if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,if you like your health insurance,you can keep your health insurance,PERIOD? Now we know those statements weren’t true. They worked at the time.

At least with some people. A lot of people were setting off warning signals from the beginning and not one Republican voted for Obamacare. We all knew that what he said wasn’t true but some people thought Obama walked on water,believed what he said and voted for him anyway.

What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? What happens when it’s a Republican?  Be careful people.What you accept from one President you could be stuck with from another President…and stuck for good.What we end up having is not just a corrupt Democratic administration or a corrupt Republican administration;we end up having a corrupt government  period with a complicit media that is not willing to seek the truth. It becomes a mouth piece for whoever is in the White House.

I don’t care what party you are…i wouldn’t go there.This is why we need answers!

NOTE: Jay Carney basically said there was nothing in that email judicial watch obtained. If that’s true then why was it ever redacted?



phoney scandals

Fast and Furious



AP Phone Records

Famous last words: “We are going to get to the bottom of this”

Next words: “There’s no there there” , “phoney scandals.”

Every scandal is met with the same reaction,we are going to get to the bottom of it. Followed by nothing to see here,move along.

Judicial Watch requests documents re Benghazi. They obtain them by court order. Jay Carney says the email is not about Benghazi. Hello Mr Carney. The FOIA request was for docs relating TO Bengahzi. The email includes the talking points Susan Rice used to talk about,BENGHAZI.

Let’s see. Obama told the American people they could keep their doctor and their health plan if they liked them, during the race. After he’s elected it’s pretty obvious that neither of those statements are true. He even used the word PERIOD.

Think Obama might have lied about Benghazi,the IRS and Obamacare to make sure he’d get elected?



“ fight the fear of the unknown…”


Man before clouds Sometimes we face a deep unknown.  And time stands still in so many ways, until we take that first, tentative step into it.  I was thinking about this as I prepared to delve into my world of medical bills.  It’s so fun (*sarcasm alert*), trying to reconcile who is billing you for what, and what your insurance has paid, and if you are paying too much.  The pile was large and our budget is small, and so I was intimated.  Once everything was done, it was not as bad as I had originally thought.  And my husband said to me, “Sometimes we need to just do it and we will find out it’s not so bad.”  There is a lot of wisdom in that. (Another reason I am blessed to be married to that man!).

“We associate fear with danger because that is how our body interacts with our God…

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Ratz.I’m tired and dizzy but i can’t let this go

Robert Zimmerman was on the Kelly Files(Fox)tonight. The debate was over the Democrats secret meeting with rich contributors.The Democracy Alliance was held in Chicago(no kidding).For context here’s what the debate was based on.Harry Reid’s comments-speaking for Democrats in general:

What is un-American is when shadowy billionaires pour unlimited money into our democracy to rig the system to benefit themselves and the wealthiest one percent. I believe in an America where economic opportunity is open to all. And based on their actions and policies they promote, the Koch brothers seem to believe in an America where the system is rigged to benefit the very wealthy.

Marc Thiessen,a speech writer for Pres George Bush,called the comment hypocritical because the Democracy Alliance secret meeting was with rich Democratic contributors. Zimmerman claimed if Thiessen had a problem with these kind of contributions he should support legislation against it. He was trying to change the subject. What Thissen was pointing out was the hypocrisy of attacking the Republican’s for something the Democrats do themselves. Another words,people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Zimmerman made several attempts to change the subject. He totally avoided the mention of one George Soros.

The other big story tonight was the media covering up the cover up of Benghazi. Maybe the reason they sent Susan Rice out, instead of Hillary Clinton, from the State Dept was to make sure there was distance AND plausible deniability. In a situation as serious as Benghazi normally the Sec of State would be put out there. Odd they sent Susan Rice. That said,the worst part is not only  that the White House was involved in a cover up so Obama could win the election but the media covered that up for him. We’ve come to this?

The most transparent administration in history requires a court order to turn over documents it was HIDING?

The media ignores this like there’s no story. No story? 4 AMERICANS DIED. The only reason they might be ignoring it is because they were complicit and don’t want people to know they covering for the Administration. Is there not one reporter out there- besides Sharyl Attkisson-who is willing to do their job even if it means some reporters will be called out? If there isn’t one reporter,just one,willing to do that then we are in big trouble. That means we have state run media and no matter what this admin does there will be a cover up.It means we can no longer trust the media anymore than we can trust the administration. We’re on our own people.The only recourse we have is to ditch the media totally and tank their ratings. If they’re not going to do their job they don’t deserve the ratings.

You have to give it to Sharyl Attkisson. It’s called INTEGRITY. I also have to give kudos to Bill O Reilly of the The Factor tonight. He got it exactly right. Howard Kurtz. HUGE disappointment.He doesn’t believe the media deliberately covered up the story. They barely covered Benghazi. The min Obama said it was a phoney scandal-after saying he was going to get to the bottom of it and blah,blah,blah -the media dropped the story like a hot potato. Remember Candy Crowley during the Romney-Obama debate when Benghazi came up?She was right there giving Obama cover.

This is shameful. Nobody’s pointing a gun at their head or threatening prison time. They’re covering up WILLINGLY.

Congress. PLS. Get a special prosecutor here. Enough is enough.