more severe weather,tornadoes predicted

Pls take these warnings and watches seriously. Have a plan.

Severe Threat NOT Over

First, check weather daily if not days ahead.

The CONVECTION report-in spite of the meteorologist jargon-is a good resource. They send their reports to the NWS. This way you will have some idea days ahead. Do not assume because your weather is sunny and beautiful that something is not on the horizon.Storms can blow up rather quickly depending on conditions.

Here is the CONVECTION report and believe me there is enough info to have a darned good idea of what’s up whether or not you understand all the terminology.

Next i would use the weather channel to get a daily outlook. They even have a service that can alert you. If you don’t get the weather channel via cable  you can get it on the internet. The main thing is this:BE WEATHER AWARE

 Don’t confuse the 2 terms. A WATCH means exactly that, WATCH OUT. Be alert.Be on your toes,stay tuned to your weather reports via radio or cable. The conditions are favorable at this point.

A WARNING means exactly that. It’s happening and it’s probably already too late. Take cover fast. DO NOT BE IN A MOBILE HOME OR CAR. In fact if there were any chance of being in either a mobile home or vehicle I would be out of there during the watch.Once the warning goes up you don’t have but seconds ..if that. PLS PLS heed the weather reports,check the convection report often and at the least have the plan in place before the watch comes up;at least during the watch.Better late than never but like a fire escape plan, a weather escape plan could be a life saver. Once the warning is up it’s a little late to be devising a plan.Above all make plans NOT to be in a mobile home or vehicle if they’re calling for severe weather/tornadoes. You are not safe and they’re 2 of the worst places to be. You are not protected. A mobile home or a vehicle is a toy to a tornado.

It’s not that tornadoes target mobile home parks. NOT AT ALL. It’s that when a tornado hits a mobile home park there is nothing left. I have never seen a mobile home park survive. They cannot withstand  a tornado. PERIOD.Have a plan and plan includes get out waaaay ahead of time.The Convective Outlook,at the NOAA Convection report site, is a good one to read. When spring/summer rolls around I’m there!

Know that my prayers are with you.At the same time PLS have a plan.PLS heed all watches/warnings. Pls take weather seriously.




pray for the Tornado victims!

 i know many of us were jubilant over the canonization of Saint Pope John Paul and John the XXIII as well as celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. As we know Saint John Paul II instituted the feast and spread the devotion. We also know he died on the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday.

Yesterday Tornadoes ripped through several states especially devastating Arkansas.PLS say a rosary for these people in the wake of the tragedy.For the victims as well as a prayer of thanks for those who survived.

I also want to point out  a few things to people and impress on them as much as possible about ‘mother nature.’ My husband is also very cavalier about weather. He pays little attention. Warnings and watches don’t phase him.Word to the wise;mother nature is more powerful than you. As the commercial used to say,it’s not nice to fool mother nature. He can be cavalier and that could cost someone their life. Always keep an eye on the weather.The radar and reports they have these days are outstanding;compared to what they were years ago. Know a few days ahead of time when severe weather is possible.

Take precautions. Don’t be caught off guard.

It is disturbing to see videos of people driving about in their cars or wandering about in the open when a severe storm, especially with the possibility of tornadoes, is being predicted. They seem to be caught  unaware.

I’ve watched it time and time again.

Check the weather channel. They keep updated on weather conditions.

They also have a service where you can  be notified.

Remember: WATCH means exactly that.WATCH OUT!

A WARNING means-too late it’s already there and you are being WARNED.

If you don’t get their reports on cable tv they do have a website.

I check the CONVECTION report. Some of it is meteorologist jargon but if you read them enough and pay close attention to key words you can definitely get the gist of what they are saying. They send these reports to the NWS and have a pretty good take on what’s up ahead of time. I highly recommend it.

Above all,take these reports seriously.A beautiful day where the sun is shining and everything looks perfect is no sign that severe weather is not on the horizon.

Better safe than sorry. Be weather aware and take precautions. Have a plan and follow it.

Again,PLS pray a rosary for the victims.



The Canonization Mass,First Impression

Wonderful to see Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI there. I knew only an act of God would keep him away.

The homily.Excellent.Pope Francis is getting ready for the Synod and he alluded to its direction.

Finally,all those heads of state some of whom think they are so important,in attendance.

There is no way on earth any one of them could gather 1 million people in a peaceful assembly.

Look at the Holy Catholic Church.One million people in St Peter’s Square. Peaceful,prayerful,from countries all over  the world.They’re unifying factor:JESUS and His Church. When will the world-especially the secular- have the epiphany?

The heads of state would not grasp this way of peace.. Here the faithful are peacefully gathered with the Pope speaking of Mercy. Not some crazy Imam calling for the murder of whomever.

A remarkable piece of Church history. Back later,for a 2nd impression 🙂



The Canonization

prayers for the people hit by the tornado in Ak. Pls,pray a rosary today.

Pray for any other areas that COULD be hit by severe weather.


I spent the day reflecting on the canonization today of our 2 Popes.

Vatican Council II would require a separate entry.I would like to focus more on the Pontificate of Saint Pope John Paul II tonight.

He lived under the Nazi regime,followed by the Communist regime.Both atheistic states. 

He was elected Pope while Poland was still under Communist rule. He battled the regime and won. He was on the right side in the battle and knew which weapons to use against them.

For a history of this battle I highly recommend Gingrich Productions NINE DAYS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD(again).

Communism fell.  He witnessed war during his lifetime,including his Pontificate. He knew what wars,conflict and atheistic regimes did to the dignity of man. He knew first hand. Those of us who live in the United States never had to suffer under such regimes.

We take our religious freedom for granted. Once Communism fell Saint John Paul II knew the battle against evil wasn’t over. It takes a different form. He witnessed the genocide of abortion. He reiterated the message of Humanae Vtae-the prophetic encyclical of Paul VI-in Evangelium Vitae.In his work Theology of  The Body;Human Love in the Divine Plan-he addressed the real and sacred meaning of human sexuality. He tried to remind people that the family was the cornerstone of a nation. When Saint John Paul II passed away Pope Benedict the XVI took up the battle against the evil of our time.He clearly identified it-moral relativism and secular humanism. John Paul II knew once people were unshackled from the chains of political regimes and atheism they could easily fall into the traps of a secular society. John Paul II knew what it meant to have freedom and liberty but he also knew that people would be tempted to fall for the seduction of secularism where people would lose their freedom and liberty and not even know it. An insidious danger.Communism you can see coming. Secular humanism comes dressed up nicely.

Pope Benedict took this battle against moral relativism head on and the secular world made him out to be a vicious,malevolent,rabid tyrant. His message wasn’t any different than Saint John Paul II’s. Did they forget he was John Paul Ii’s right hand man so to speak? 

Both Popes were right. Our Western Cultures,particularly in the United States,are kidding themselves. They take up much of their time with distractions. Even some Catholics no longer feel the need to listen to the Church they claim to be part of .It’s not ‘with the times’ nor bends to their will. Of course they have painted Pope Francis as some fluffy teddy bear(unlike Pope Benedict the Rottweiler,)Once they find out that Pope Francis is actually Catholic and is not going to change Church teaching to suit them(which he has no right to do anyway)they will turn on him Father Z has been predicting this for some time. They just haven’t caught up with Pope Francis yet since he’s been a pretty busy person of late.They will.

I found it a little amusing today. The HuffPo ran an article with the headline The Poles have lost interest in Saint John Paul II. I think the author may have talked to all of 2 people .Author evidently didn’t attend the Canonization Mass because half of Poland was there.

I left several comments.None of which they posted. In fact they had NO comments so i don’t know why they were so down on the only comment they had. They said they were moderating due to the potentially serious nature of the topic. Really? They were concerned about sensitivity? After some prodding they FINALLY  posted my one comment. I will not be going back to the HuffPo to read any more of their articles. If i want a good take on what is going on in the Church Father Z’s blog is far more reliable,accurate and honest.

Besides he permits comments that i can actually learn something from. 

porn shows far too little


 Apologies if there are any typos. I don’t have my glasses on and am going at this in a blur. Will edit first thing  tomorrow. What are your thoughts/feelings on the Canonization? Questions? will try to to answer.


“Here are my wounds; here is my sore…”


I’m not perfect; certainly not even close to being perfect in pretty much any category.  I’m the biggest sinner I know.  It is part of our make-up; our sinful nature. I trip all the time. I trip daily.  But I do get back up. I do try.  And I believe that when we are hit by something, are tripped up, we need to address it and work to make it better.  And I’ve been pondering this subject all day…well, actually since Easter.

I read this article about forgiveness today that a friend shared. (Look at the link here: The article spoke to how a teacher in a classroom setting worked on getting her students to forgive one another. And I really liked what she said (and wish I had of thought of this when my kids were young!).  There are 4 parts to trying to mend a relationship and…

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