Our Church,Adoration for Divine Mercy Sunday

altar with monstrance

St Faustina at St Thomas


 I wish we had gotten a photo of the tabernacle and crucifix behind this.My fault. Didn’t think to ask. .The Paschal Candle is to the left. Too far over to get included in photo.You can just barely see the bottom of the tabernacle in the photo.Photos taken by our aide. She takes fantastic photos. 🙂

Saint (Sr)Faustyna Kowalska in image.We were each asked to spend a half hour with Jesus. i lost track of time and was able to spend 1 hr.Had no idea. It seemed like a few minutes.I prayed 1 rosary, came across the gospel story of the woman caught in adultery,offered up special intentions, prayed part of a Psalm(what i could see without glasses)3 Hail Mary’s and Jesus,I Trust In You right before i left. Aide was patient enough to wait all that time. I told her 1:30.

Anxiously Waiting for 4:00 a.m.

Husband and i sat down to watch a celebration of JPII from Los Angelus at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Problem.We couldn’t find the angels or Our Lady and it looked more like an auditorium than a Church. They were praying the Luminous Mysteries,given to us by Blessed John Paul II,but it was in between various testimonies. Now the testimonies would have been tremendous except they interrupted the rosary. They brought in a vestment that was designed for John Paul II and the lady was singing Amigo as the Knights brought in the vestment. It lost something.It should have been a solemn moment. Perhaps more sacred music at this part of the celebration.I also thought a statue of Our Lady of Fatima would have been very appropriate. I decided i could say the luminous mysteries on my own and get some sleep so i could be up at 4 :00 a.m. for live coverage from EWTN of the Canonization. Then we have to turn around and get up for Mass. Then i also have to be down to the church for adoration for 1/2 hr. I have to make it. Our aide is coming in Sunday just for this.

I don’t feel well either. I’ve been taking these pills that were just prescribed to me and am having stomach cramps and pain. Maybe if i lay down it will eventually go away.

 As soon as i go to bed chance are our new addition will come running in to jump on the bed.Our little Dachshund can do that. He’s so spry and spunky. Husband is getting a little wore out from him.Everywhere he goes his buddy has to be right behind him. We named him Cocoa Puff. In the future i will refer to him as Cocoa Puff. Can’t wait to post the photos. I feel bad he’s so skinny though. We have to fatten him up.

More good news. My grand-daughter is graduating. I’m very excited and sad at the same time.I’m sure she will do well in the future. Wonder what she has decided on? School? Career? Vocation?

Husband’s son will be coming soon. It seems like a very long time since we last saw him.He was here when we picked out the house so he has some idea of what it’s like. I hope he still likes it when he gets to stay.

He won’t be able to stay long so i’m sure they’ll get in as much fishing as they can. I hope husband feels well while he’s here. Sometimes when he comes husband is just not up to going with him every single time.

Grand-daughter will be fine. She has a good head on her shoulders.

I really should get to bed. The clock is ticking and we will soon have Saint John Paul II celebrated in Rome.Hubbs has never seen a canonization.I hope he’ll be able to get up with me.

ImageVatican City …getting ready