We Survived

We survived not being digital for a day-not very well but we managed. Our internet,phone and cable were all out for one full day. At least until this morning.After much dickering with our provider. I was on the phone with them from 11:35-the exact time everything was shut down-until 5:00 pm yesterday.i finally got it straightened out with their billing dept. At least i got our services back on.Not 100% sure we got the bill straightened out.

Worse,they changed our phone number on us without our knowledge it was changed and then tried to charge us 25.00 for changing the number. Two things came of that.We inadvertently discovered the number changed. They’re going to change it back. They are not going to charge us since we never requested it. We’ve had our number for years. What a time!

Husband and i sat down and watched the movie Gravity together though-a plus. I had to leave the room a couple times because of my menneire’s.I almost went  into a drop attack when i went to bed. Ok,the movie was too much visually but as a movie? DON’T MISS!

It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. If you’re prone to vertigo it may be difficult. Do what i did. Close your eyes or leave the room at the more visually stunning parts.   I was sitting down hanging onto my husband’s chair for dear life but it is one terrific movie.

I honestly don’t know if we’re going to be able to keep up with the cable bill. We were doing ok until we fell into the short month of Feb and then got whacked with 2 bills that were too close together. We’ve been having trouble digging ourselves out since. I’m almost tempted to  drop them and go with different services. I won’t say who the provider is;we’ve been very satisfied with the service all these years .like any company there are goof ups. To err is human,to forgive divine. The big issue is that Peter doesn’t know what Paul is doing there.

They need to remedy that.

Anyway,if you get the opportunity rent GRAVITY on DVD.

I hope we get to see Heaven Is For Real sometime. We’ll wait until it’s out on DVD.

I haven’t read the book. Would like to. Fr Robert Spitzer mentions NDE’S* in his talks on Cosmic Proofs for the Existence of God so i don’t have a problem believing this little 4 yr old’s story at all.

The Canonization is coming up very soon. Everyone ready? Excited? Our aide is taking off Sat and we’re going to Mass Sunday for Divine Mercy Sunday. Then i’ve signed up for a half hour of adoration at 1:00. Can’t wait!! I’ve got my outfit all picked out. Had it ready for days. I have to do that. It helps to have things ready ahead of time.

 Good news today. We now have a dachshund(full bred)puppy. I don’t think he’s doing very well though. The owners  had to find homes for the puppies or take them to the humane society. He’s very skinny and doesn’t seem well to me. Husband named him Cocoa Puff and he gets along very well with Mace.I’ll have the aide take a photo Sunday when she comes in and has a minute. We fell in love with him the min we saw him!

We wanted to get a companion for Mace. He likes having another dog around and this one is going to work out perfectly.I just hope he’s not too ill and something bad happens.

It’s a puppy so that means house train.  Not fun but we’ll manage.

Back later on. Finally getting  caught up and now it’s almost time for my rosary.

Not sure what the topic will be. Have to dwell on that one.

*NDE.Near Death Experience