Militant Atheism

i watched 9 Days That Changed the World on EWTN today.The documentary from Gingrich Productions. I’ve seen it before and will watch again with my hubbs tomorrow night at 10:00 on EWTN again. Will repost the info re the Documentary at the end of this post.

It fits in well w/ the topic that’s been going around in my head for days now;militant atheism.Mr.Gingrich and his wife Callista took a close historical look at the defeat of communism in Poland and by extension to the Soviet Union. He lays out how it came about because of the leadership of Blessed John Paul II. You can note in the documentary how Nazi/Communist regimes attacked Poland. The first freedom they decimated was freedom of religion. They began by removing religious symbols from churches and buildings.Eventually they destroyed the churches. The goal was to eliminate God from the consciousness of the Polish culture. Religious belief was a threat. To make the state ‘god’ you have to remove God.

They persecuted the clergy. They made sure religion was removed from the public square.When John Paul II was elected and made a pilgrimage to his native land he brought the cross to the people. The communist regime feared that.  It represented hope,freedom and dignity. Blessed John Paul II spoke the truth and drew crowds of millions. The state run media blacked out the crowd size,didn’t show any pictures of Pope John Paul. The people knew though. Their eyes didn’t lie.

In fact the crowds were so large and boisterous John Paul II became the defacto leader of Poland. He told them:

oct 22 1978

Movie;Karol,The Pope,The Man

They called out, We Want God!

The people in the United States have never lived under a communist or nazi regime.We have no idea what the destructive nature of an atheistic state is like. What it does to a country,a culture,a people.We better be vigilant.

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 Look at all the instances in our country of atheist groups trying to remove religious symbols from buildings, prayer from school,any mention of God.We see the cases over and over.The cross from ground zero is a prime example.The cross from a vet memorial another. Now they’re trying to get the pledge with the words “under God” removed from a NJ school. On and on.Ask yourself which countries have more freedom.

There is the United States which is basically a Christian-Judeo country. It was founded that way. Now take an atheistic state-China,N.Korea,Cuba-and see how much freedom those countries have. The fact is, a Christian-Judeo country has  the freedom that a Communist,that is atheistic state, doesn’t.A country with Christian-Judeo principles protects our God given freedoms. In a Communist atheistic state the state is god and gets to decide which freedoms you can  have and which ones you can’t. The first freedom they attack is religion.The rest soon follow.

Why don’t these atheistic groups move to China,N.Korea or Cuba and have all their dreams come true?

They can live in the country they would like to have here. Don’t tell me they don’t. They’re trying.There is a group called Freedom From Religion. We’re guaranteed freedom OF religion.I don’t care what they call their group;the First Amendment to the Constitution protects freedom of religion.

If you believe God doesn’t exist that’s your business.  If you want to convince other people God doesn’t exist take it to the public square and win in the arena of public opinion and debate.Nobody’s stopping you and you have the right.Don’t like? Move to China,N.Korea or Cuba. Perfect for you.Now here’s the info i was going to respost:

Forget his politics this is an excellent documentary from Newt and Callista Gingrich.

 DVD, 9 Days That Changed The World :

You can see the full documentary on EWTN tonight 4/24/2014 at 1o pm EST. I’m pretty sure it’s either 10 pm or 10:30.

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